The Little Things

October 20, 2013

Eric and I have this thing where we talk about our small wins of the day, the little things that make us grateful or proud or happy. This week I feel like my little things have actually been big things. It’s been a good week at NC, I met the Oatmeal at a book signing (AGAIN!) and a sweater was saved.

I bought this yarn, Karabella Aurora 8, waaaay on sale almost a year ago.  I started knitting Kaari pretty soon after, but set it aside once I had the back finished. It’s stockinette and tedious and I was trying to figure out how to alter the neckline. I thought ten balls would be enough. It’s not. Kaari isn’t Kaari without the front pockets and at the rate I was going there wouldn’t even be enough yarn for the front. It’s been a year. No way will I find that yarn again much less the same dye lot.



EXCEPT FOR I DID. The yarn shop that I purchased it from still had some – same color, same dye lot. Apparently I’m the only person in all of Colorado who  wants this yarn and I’m ok with that. I grabbed three more and fingers crossed it’s enough. I’m almost done with the knitting, but I know blocking and seaming will take me a few days.

I’m quite grateful the sweater will be finished. It’s one of my favorite patterns.


Also, I did some serious organizing and since this is never going to happen again I want it on public record. Look at this shit:

so fresh and so clean!



August 13, 2013

Well hey there! My project ADD has been in full friggin’ swing, so I’m going to do that thing where I publicly confess all of my WIP’s, make some goals, then bust shit out for the next six months (ha!).

Jetson's costume muslin / Vogue 1344

Jetson’s costume muslin / Vogue 1344

The other issue is that I’m ready for fall, so all of my summer projects now sound terrible.

Ok, so here’s what I currently have started:
1. striped Archer
2. navy Bombshell
3. abstract Jenny
4. multiple knits tops – Scouts & Built by Wendy patterns
5. nine thousand half-finished socks strewn all over the apt.
6. Kaari
7. navy Ballet Dress
8. Rosy Ladyshorts

Here’s what I’d like to make:
1. denim Moss skirt
2. white Archer
3. a jumpsuit
4. kelly green silk Vogue 1344
5. some sweaters – knit and sewn
6. underthings
7. something with this amazing fabric
8. another Beatnik
9. chambray sleeveless Archer
10. blazer
11. ….

That’s a good start I guess. I’m giving myself until next weekend to finish most of the first list minus the handknits. Kaari still has a ways to go and all of those socks are seriously going to take another year.

I’m pulling a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest boards. Apparently I want to wear the most comfortable clothing possible while still looking respectable. That means boyfriend jeans and loafers. Those are happening this fall.

In addition to starting projects, I’ve been working night and day on Native Clutter. I’m learning a lot about running a business, sourcing and getting things right. I’ve been open almost a year now and it’s flown by.

new NC

What are you guys working on? I have a lot of catching up to do!


ALSO! Does anyone know how to use @font-face? I’m seriously pulling my hair out. I’ve uploaded files to my ftp, entered code on my stylesheet aaaaand… nothing. If one of you could help me out I would really appreciate it.

Good News, Bad News

June 19, 2013

The bad news is that I finished my first bra muslin last night and the result is a gigantic, matronly, unholy terror. See?

bra 1

bra 2

It might be better once the trims are applied. I had some gaping in the armholes and the shape was pretty pointy. Using Amy’s guide, I made adjustments to the pattern pieces. I’ll sew up another muslin tonight. One thing I didn’t do, I just realized, is sew down the channels and add the underwires. That seems like a pretty important step. So, I’m going to try out the underwires, then sew muslin number two.

Despite the poor fit, I’m really, really excited about the potential here and the process. It was fun to sew and took such a tiny bit of fabric. My mind is racing with ideas!

Speaking of which, and it’s all good news from here on out, I also plan on making some Rosy Ladyshorts.

rosy ladyshorts!

I bought black lace trim to go with a lot of my stash knits. Compared to sewing a bra, undies seem relatively straight-forward. I’ve had issues in the past trying to fit bottoms (CLOVERS), but I think these will be different because of the knit fabric.

Annnnnd, I’ve added several new pieces to the shop. Get 20% off with the code SUMMER20 – it’s valid through Sunday.

new nc june

I’m becoming more active on the Native Clutter FB page, so if you’d like to receive weeklyish updates go here.

It’s free-sew at DDI today, so I’m going to run over and train on the coverstitch. YAY!

Odds & Ends

June 14, 2013

There’s a lot going on in my creative space and it’s mostly because I cleaned. My sewing machine and Native Clutter share a desk, so when one takes over there’s no room for the other.


I also had some issues with my machine. It sounded really… crunchy. The crunchiness was occurring while I was sewing plackets for the museum event, so I was even dealing with a deadline! Worried that something was really wrong, I ran over to my local sewing shop. After a brief inspection, he put a glob of oil on the race and sent me home. Phew! Crisis averted. So, when your machine gets crunchy, oil it.

I really needed something fairly easy post-Pendleton bag. Like, soft cotton fabric and normal thread. I cut out Archer months ago, so I decided to finish it up even though it won’t be getting much wear through the sweltering summer. I’ll just have to make a sleeveless version next.

Sewing shirts is an interesting process. For me, there are really enjoyable parts, and some not so great ones. Like wtf is up with sleeve plackets? Mine look terrible, but I’m going to accept them and move on. I wear my shirt sleeves rolled up anyway.


archer close-up

Jen’s instructions are great and her sewalong has been incredibly helpful. Parts that I thought would be complicated have not been so bad. I’ve taken my time with the topstitching and even hand-basted the pockets before sewing.

I’m really, really happy with the fit so far. It’s the perfect slouchy, comfy top. I didn’t make any alterations, then worried about sleeve length, but I think it’s going to be perfect. Hopefully I’ll have it finished this weekend. After this, I want to participate in the Kollabora Scout Sewalong and the deadline is July 8th, which doesn’t give me much time considering how friggin’ slow I sew and plan.

native clutter

In addition to sewing, I’ve been working on new pieces for Native Clutter and updating photos. It made me laugh when I was working on product shots this morning and looked down to see this little chicken wing:

chicken wing

She’s my constant little sidekick and helper.

kollabora goodies

I also recently received a bunch of goodies from Kollabora! The Wiksten tank has been on my list of things to make since the pattern came out years ago. I may need to add a drawstring or something to the dress to give it some shape though. We shall see. And, of course, I’m reeeaaally into accessories right now. I would love to make some purses and clutches this summer.

I’d also like to address the bra- and swimwear-making frenzy that’s occuring right now. Let me just say that I’m in. I was trying to dwindle down my stash, but instead have been making unsupervised, frantic online purchases of spandex. I have a bra kit that I’ll tackle soon – hopefully before everything else arrives. Reading through Amy’s bra-making sewalong (even the comments!) has been fascinating research. I’m feeling pretty confident with all of that knowledge at hand.

So, I haven’t made anything yet, but my current favorite place to peruse and buy would have to be Merckwaerdigh’s eBay store. Oh man. Those sets are so gorgeous. Yes, I bought two.

Pendleton + Leather

March 24, 2013

A few weeks ago my friend Kristen kindly divulged that she had found some gorgeous Pendleton wool at our local fabric store. I hadn’t even been to this store yet (isn’t that embarrassing??), so we planned a trip. I was only going to buy knits and a few other things that caught my eye in the bargain bins, but after she cut the 2 yds of wool that she came in for, I decided to take the last little bit.


What was I going to do with 5/8 of a yard?? Initially I wanted to make a tote bag with a leather bottom, but I couldn’t find a pattern or even an inspiration piece to base it off of. I also wanted to make the most of the big print. It would be lost on anything smaller than a cape or huge bag. I’ve made the Amy Butler Weekender Bag three times before and now I’m using it again minus the front pockets. It features huge side panels and it’s quite thick, so I think it will be perfect.

bonded nylon

I also splurged on some leather. I’m using it for the piping, bottom panel, side pockets and handles. Leftovers may become a throw pillow.

half a beef


I’m getting used to the walking foot! I don’t close my eyes or flinch when it starts up. Well, initially I do then I’m fine for the rest of the day. Here are some close-ups of preparing the cording using a zipper foot.

preparing cording

preparing cording

I still need to order a zipper, buy veg tan to stabilize the leather bottom and handles and find a lining! Any suggestions on lining? Luckily, I can construct the entire bag and handstitch it in afterwards, but I’m worried if I wait too long it will sit lining-less for months. That would be awful.

At home I’m slowly cutting out Archer. It’s been such a long time since I’ve made a collared shirt that I’m waiting for Jen’s sewalong. I’m using a super lightweight, striped cotton in view A.


ALSO, I’m featured on my friend’s new blog this week. Read it here: HyLighted

WIP: High-Low Hem Tank Dress

April 30, 2012

My personal style is changing rapidly. I don’t know if it’s age or circumstance or season, but I’ve gone from wearing mostly jeans to mostly dresses. They are a millions times more comfortable! How was I not aware of this before?

I’ve been looking at my Pinterest boards trying to draw inspiration. I wanted to pair these two dresses for a simple high-low hem tank dress.

I used the bodice of Simplicity 2497 and made it into it dress. After making all of the alterations and a quick muslin, I laid the pattern onto the fabric I wanted to use – a black and white ikat from B&J Fabrics. I was INCHES short and couldn’t bring myself to change the pattern at all.

But I’m glad that happened because it forced me to dig through my stash! I found a striped cotton that I prefer for this dress anyway.

I used my walking foot to help with the chevron alignment. The bodice sides and all of the center seams are about spot on.

It’s all done, so I just need to get pictures. YAY!

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