My First Shawl

May 18, 2013




Pattern: Sweet November Shawl
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Rustic

This is the first time I’ve made a shawl. I once wrote them off as old-fashioned, but now I’m embracing their practicality and utter gorgeousness. They’re the perfect spring and fall accessory.

This one is as easy as it gets, so I’m trying not to be too proud of myself. The pattern consists of simple yarn-overs and decreases, but it’s still a lot to keep track of and a good introduction to lace knitting. I enjoyed the process of knitting this big, holey mess then blocking it into an actual shawl. Aaaand it has fringe. I love me some fringe. I’m from the west – I can’t help it.

The yarn I used, Cascade Rustic, is discontinued, but if you can get your hands on some I highly recommend it! It’s a super soft, wool and linen blend that comes in gorgeous colors. I have been drawn to blues and turquoises lately, but there were also some great neutrals and saturated warm tones available. The color bled slightly during the soaking process, so I rinsed it out a few times. I used less than one skein.

Also, I made a hat.


Hats became necessities last winter as I found myself walking and exposed to the elements much more than I ever have been in the past. I didn’t get to test this one out since I finished it a few weeks ago and now it’s like 80. It will see a lot of use once it cools down again.

It’s another super easy pattern that you can read more about here.


I’m still slowly working on my bag. I’ll be talking more about it soon but for now here’s a sneak peak!

i love it so much it hurts my heart.

Who Wants My Beatnik?

January 19, 2013



This is my new favorite hat. It’s made from super soft Cascade Eco Duo using the pattern Felicity. I used larger-than-called-for needles, sizes 6 and 8, but otherwise stuck to the pattern. I highly recommend it.


jeans: gap/similar sweater: gap shoes: umm…. gap. hat: me-made earrings: native clutter

I’ve been wearing a lot of handknit accessories. Cowls, mitts, hats and socks have all been part of my daily wardrobe. I also wear neutral colors, simple silhouettes and like to be comfortable. If you saw my stash you would think otherwise. Pink! Florals! Periwinkle coating!! I’ve calmed down my yarn stash and have been making smart purchases lately. My fabric stash not-so-much.

So, I’m beginning a purge. You can eventually buy my fabric here. Nothing is currently posted because I’m kind of a lazy bum and it’s nice outside. Maybe tomorrow.


Also, even though it breaks my heart to give it away, who wants my Beatnik? It’s too small for me. If you’re interested in a free sweater, please email me: stephanie at makesthethings dot com. The size is about a 32″ chest. It’s knit from 100% wool, so you have to promise you’ll never throw it in the washer. It’s so toasty that I recommend it goes to someone who lives in the Arctic Circle. I’ll ship international, so lemme know.

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