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October 17, 2013

I’m not crazy into clothes shopping. When I have extra money to burn I’ll buy supplies, like beads, yarn and fabric, or shoes. I do, however, shop at big box stores like GAP and H&M for cheap staples and trendier items. I’m not going to say big is bad because that’s not always the case, but I am realizing that my purchases directly affect a lot of people. Who’s benefiting when I buy a J.Crew tee? Who am I hurting? How is it manufactured and how long will it hold up?

There are a few makers and doers I’ve met recently who care and it’s rubbing off on me. Some care enough about these questions that their entire business is built on sustainability in fashion. One in particular is Kristen Glenn of When Kristin needed help with some photos I enthusiastically said yes! Her clothes are what I actually wear. The leggings especially! Modeling leggings is kind of terrifying, but after lots of laughs and direction from Kristin I think they turned out pretty great! leggings

hamming it up!

denim leggings

I know most of you sew, but if leggings aren’t on your list of things to make this season or if you just want some extra pairs, I can’t recommend these enough. They’re super soft and comfortable. I especially love the high waistband and unbelievable price: $34. For handmade, eco-friendly, kick-ass leggings. Yeah.

Her other pieces focus on versatility. The Versalette can be worn 30 ways and comes in a super soft, black knit fabric. I also tried on her dresses. The Jenny can be worn long or short and the 5-Ways Maxi is next on my wishlist. I can see myself wearing it daily all summer long.

five-ways maxi

jenny dress

all photos via

What I’ve learned is that I like having a warm feeling after shopping. I like having that personal connection and a good story behind the brand. And I think Kristin is a badass and I love what she’s doing. I’m honored and flattered to be all over her site! Read her blog and story when you get a minute. I think you’ll really like her too.


On a somewhat related note – I’ve never really thrifted and I look hilarious in vintage anything, but I’ve started shopping at secondhand stores. Dudes. I found Frye’s for sooo cheap, designer jeans (I CAN’T HELP IT) and other goodies for ridiculous deals. It’s this liberating underworld that I’ve been completely unaware of until now. Any other savvy shoppers out there?? What and where are some of your best finds?

RAGGAWEST @ Fancy Tiger Crafts

April 22, 2013

Last Saturday I saw on Cirilia’s instagram that she was in Denver with Stephen West and Ragga Eiriksdottir. They were offering classes at Fancy Tiger Crafts, so I called immediately. There was room in Sunday’s Shapes and Forms the RaggaWest Way, so I signed up!

As soon as I walked into Fancy Tiger, I was like, “these are my people.” The products they carry are so beautiful. I was able to touch Liberty cottons and gorgeous yarns. I was also excited to see a wide range of patterns available from indie designers like Colette and Wiksten. Not that I need any new hobbies, but if I were to start one it would be weaving. They have affordable looms and classes on how to use them.

The class itself was a blast. Stephen and Ragga are so talented and engaging. I haven’t knit patterns by either of them, but a few shawls are next in my queue. They were kind enough to pose for multiple pictures and listen to me ramble. I was SO EXCITED.



I love the above sweater so, so much. It’s mostly linen with stripes of MOHAIR DIPPED IN LATEX WTF?!!? I don’t remember where he said he found the yarn, but I don’t think it’s available in the US. The shape that he created is exactly what I’m trying to achieve with one of my own projects.


I was grateful I was able to keep up despite the somewhat complicated techniques. Stephen walked us through various edge stitches then how to pick up stitches through each of them. Ragga presented the most complicated cast-on I’ve ever done (beating out the hot mess of a cast-on that I had to watch a million times for the Snowy Day Cowl). It’s featured in her Craftsy class.



I observed that quite a few of the class attendees were older ladies, grandmother types with grey hair. They were decked out in beautiful shawls and knits and talked about their blogs and Ravelry queues. I don’t know why I loved that so much, but I wanted to high-five them all.

Stephen was also here filming a class for Craftsy, which I’ll absolutely purchase. He’s really entertaining.


I think Cirilia’s site Skrilla Knits was one of the first knitting blogs I found. I’ve followed her for years, even copying some of her FO’s like the Kureyon Pismo. Mine was not nearly as cute and has since disappeared. Anyway, I love her designs and styling, so it was really nice to meet her! You can find her musings and videos at Bricoleur Knits. Like you didn’t already know that.

If you ever get the chance, definitely go visit Fancy Tiger. It’s a great store in a really cool neighborhood. They have an open craft night on Tuesdays, so I think that may become my new hangout.

Also, THIS.


I updated my Ebay with new shtuff and big lots. I think in the future I’m going to regret this massive purge, but right now I’m overwhelmed. Check it out HERE!.

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

March 10, 2013

I was recently interviewed for a friend’s blog (I’ll post a link once the feature is up) and she asked where I get fashion inspiration. I was surprised by my answers: sewing blogs and Pinterest. I should’ve included Polyvore as well.

Untitled #139

I’ve been perusing all three looking for spring looks and pieces to sew. First on my list is the Archer shirt. And I’m just going to assume it’s named after my most favorite character of all time. It’s such a great basic.

I also need to make some ikat or brocade shorts. That’s it on my list since I obviously have a hard time following through on sewing plans.

Untitled #173

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Current Obsessions: Jewelry

May 16, 2012

1. Collarbone by Catharine Luckett / XX Long Gunshell Necklace / $145
2. DANNIJO / Naomi Collar / $172
3. DANNIJO / Finnegan Ring / $172
4. DANNIJO / Alessandra Cuff / $395
5. Odette New York / Bronze Rib Ring / $138
6. DANNIJO / Abacos Necklace / $436
7. Noble Town Vintage / Brick Chain Diamond Necklace / $38

My grandma runs a trading post in southern Utah and she’s always decked out in chunky Navajo squash blossoms, turquoise cuffs and big rings. Growing up I may not have appreciated the look, but now I think she’s as cool as it gets. That inspiration is very much evident in a few of DANNIJO’s pieces. I love the modern take on styles that are familiar to me. Besides the Indian-inspired pieces, I love brass, gunshells and unexpected shapes like the Odette rib ring.

I don’t have the skills or equipment to make anything similar, but I’m going to bust out my seed beads today and see what happens.

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