iDye Poly Review / How I Dyed My Stove Blue

May 4, 2012

I bought this dress from H&M three years ago. It’s such a cute style (albeit cheaply made and 100% polyester), but the color looked awful on me. I also purchased shorts in a similar color that were made of tencel. I dyed those last summer when I dyed the cotton voile used for my tie-front top. I’ll probably post about that process, too. The shorts turned out really cute.

I used iDye Poly from Dharma Trading. You guys. It’s amazing. I ruined a large pot and dyed the backsplash of my stove blue, but I think it was worth it. The instructions said to ‘simmer’ the fabric for about an hour. Lighter colors only require 30 minutes. I know what simmer means in cooking terms, but I  misinterpreted those directions and went for a rolling boil. Yeah, it was a disaster.

How excited am I about this dress?


I cannot believe how well the color turned out.

fabric: 100% polyester


  • large stainless steel pot
  • water (I used tap)
  • iDye Poly packet in blue – includes dye and color intensifier
  • something to stir with
  • polyester dress

time: 1 hour

I forgot to pre-wash the fabric, so there are a few barely noticeable splotches that are darker than the rest of the dress. The dress has been hanging in my closet for so long that I didn’t think it would be an issue, but even oils from touching the fabric can affect the dyeing process. I even have the textile detergent! I guess I was just anxious to get started.

So, I highly recommend iDye Poly. It’s not messy if you’re careful and the results are impressive.

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