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April 29, 2014

*****CLOSED***** Thanks so much! I’ll announce winners soon!

Hey guys! I’m moving into a studio space (with Seamly.co!!!) this week and need to destash. Here are a few boxes of goodies that I’m giving away. Choose which one you want, leave a comment, tell me something awesome about yourself and I’ll draw a winner Thursday May 1st at 10 AM MST. Packages will go out USPS priority mail. Limited to the US only. So sorry international folks! Next time.

BOX 1:

marc jacobs wool coating | lace | linen | light blue knit

BOX 2:

knit | lace | poly georgette | lace | poly jersey | knit

BOX 3:

poly knit | poly chiffon | rayon | rayon

BOX 4:

knit | cotton gauze | marc jacobs cotton | knits | cotton | knit

I have a million things to talk about, but it will have to wait until I get settled. And Moss Making Month has turned into Moss Making Summer. I’m still going to make a shit ton of them. In my new studio space. When I have time. Starting Monday.



  • Amy

    I walk to the farmers market every week to buy my cat local chicken so I can make her cat food, because she is highly allergic to pet food additives!! Love your cat posts, as well as the things you make!!! If you pick me I would like box #4!

  • Gail

    Oooh! Box 4! Pick me, pick me!! 😉

  • Maureen

    Hi Stephanie, thank you for the giveaway, I LOVE the color in box 1, please throw my name in for that one! I will be riding 108 miles on my bicycle in June in support of diabetes research via the Tour de Cure.
    Thanks so much! Maureen

  • Currymade

    Thanks for the give away! Box 2 or 4! I grew up in India and had a pet monkey as a kid. Pretty awesome, right?! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Oh my gosh, love these colors in box#4. Here in Seattle it is just getting warm enough to wear dresses with no leggings. I’m hoping in between 2 kids and a job that I can sew a dress. I would love to use these materials for something beautiful and inspirational to my daughter. She wants so bad to do everything I do. At 3 1/2 she thinks she’s ready to knit!
    Thanks so much for your beautiful ideas and inspiration to all of us in Instagram land!

  • Pam

    I love all the boxes but am quite anxious about getting some summer sewing done…Boxes one and four would be perfect for a couple of skirts, a dress, shorts and a T. Your fabrics are lovely!

  • Heather Lou

    Box 1 makes my heart all flippy. Cobalt – MARRY ME. Here’s something interesting – I subscribed to your blog way back when but I realized I rarely see it because it shows up as a teeny excerpt on feedly. When I’m scrolling through the 300+ blogs I follow (I HAVE A PROBLEM) I rarely if ever click over to your site to read the whole post. This may be a simple WordPress setting somewhere. Alternatively, if you use feedburner for RSS management, I think you can turn off the excerpt option there so your whole post shows up in RSS feeders. That way I (we?) can see alll your lovely lovely makes without having to leave the comfort of feedly or whatever.

  • Maggie

    Box One!

    Maybe not awesome, but definitely unique: I have double vision in both eyes. (Meaning, I close one eye and STILL SEE DOUBLE!)

  • Andrea

    Hmmmmm after some waffling I choose box 2! Thanks for the giveaway. Great idea to compile them into different bundled packages.

    I studied abroad in Japan but that’s the only foreign country (besides Canada) I’ve ever visited.

  • Aimee

    I’d love box 2. My roommates and I have goats in our backyard, they were pregnant, so now we have baby goats! It’s great to come home after a long day and watch them jump around.

  • Samantha

    Congrats on the studio space, such an important move!

    hmmmm something interesting…..after five (!) different careers [modern dancer, photographer, photo editor, baker, book store owner] I have landed on maker space owner in Portland, Maine. I have created a haven for anyone interested in the fiber and textile arts called A Gathering of Stitches. My one regret is that every day when I come to work I cannot sit down and join in the stitching going on all around me…

    Box one or four would make me very happy, as I am recently obsessed with sewing knits….

    ps I am with you on the Summer of Moss!

  • liz

    Box 1 is my favorite but I like them all! I would be happy with any of them. Something awesome about me is that I won a national award this year!

  • Anne

    I love box 2 (box 1 is also lovely)! Awesome fact: I’m two weeks away from finishing my freshman year of college and I’m excited to go home for the summer and have free time and access to a sewing machine. And congratulations on moving to a new studio space!

  • Myriam G.

    Box #2 is my fave!
    In high school I made a small drawing that got published in Japan and was sold there as a christmas cards.

  • Elle

    You are seriously the NICEST! I would loveeee Box 4 (though Box 1 is beauuuuutiful too!).

    Usually when I want to tell people something awesome about me I tell them I sew, but that’s not unique here! Something else awesome is also a little cheesy…I met my boyfriend in Ireland! We were on a trip through our university over the summer five years ago but had never met each other before. Both from New York but I guess it took Ireland to get us together!

  • mjb

    Box 4…or 1 🙂 My spirit animal is a peacock

  • Sarah

    I’m starting a new job that I’m super excited about! Thanks for the giveaway chance; box 3 is my favourite. Good luck with the move!

  • Kate

    Ooh, box four…something awesome about me? I recently started blogging for my favorite urban farm, and they pay me in veggies and transplants!

  • zilredloh

    What a generous giveaway & congrats on moving to a new studio space. I love box 4.

    Something awesome about myself?? Hmm… Something awesome I just did was ride a bike for the first time since High School (10+ years). I rode from my office building in Chicago to home which was 7-8 miles away & I wasn’t even sore the next day. That was pretty awesome – that I could ride after so long a time and still be “okay” afterwards. 😀

  • Natalie

    Box 2 would be fabulous!

  • Angela

    Box 2 looks great. I just organized my own sewing room and am making time to sew for myself (all kiddos are finally out of diapers). I have a backlog of patterns to match with fabric.

    Your blog is one of my top style inspirations. Look forward to every post!

  • Sharon

    Since I was a kid I’ve been so sensitive to touch. One of my favorite quirky memories as a kid is sneakingly slipping my fingers under the shoulder of my mothers shirts to feel her silky straps of her bra. I love fabric, to sew , to create, to touch. Great giveaway! Box 4, dibs. Or any really 🙂

  • Katie

    Not sure how awesome it is to anyone but me, but I’m trying to make all my clothes for my 3 week Italian honeymoon in September!

    Not that I need any more things to make, but I’d love Box 1 for that lace and linen… and I’d combine them into one beautiful dress! love love love

  • Sharon

    And congrats on the studio space! That’s such an awesome step! (And with seamly, awesome!)

  • lsaspacey

    Oh, wow, what an assortment! I love box #4 the most (knits!!!) but #2 and #1 are also special. I keep meaning to get more color in my wardrobe, but on a typical day I’m wearing neutrals. Not as much black as I did in college but pale gray, tan, and white galore. So box #4 would definitely shake up my life!!! Good luck on your studio move and the summer of Moss. Which reminds me, I still have a Moss muslin in sunshine yellow to finish (see, I’m trying!) before I can start on the final one in turquoise denim…

  • Sogol

    Congrats on the move! I’m hoping May will be the month that all my sewing is focused on me! If I were to have a pick I’d say either 1 or 2 are my faves!

  • suzanne

    Whoa girl! Are you sure you want to give away all this good stuff? I love box 1….or …2. Good luck with the move. How cool that you have a studio!

  • Karen

    Box 4 is perfect for summer, and bonus I’m also a Denver girl!!

  • Margaret Maley

    Box 1 looks fab – loving the cobalt! I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 46. Good luck with the move!

  • Karen Belote

    Box 4 would make all sorts of goodies for summer wearing! Thank you!

  • Erika A.

    Box 3! Box 3!

    I was the top female in the South Dakota .22 caliber pistol league last year (and maybe this year too)!

  • Jessie

    I LOVE box #4! : ) Something awesome about myself, erm… I grew up with three pugs – each a different color, and each named after Shakespeare!

  • Megan

    Box 1 or 4! I’m sewing my first dress for a friend’s wedding at the end of May.

  • Veronica C

    Box one is certainly a dream box. If I’m being completely honest, they all are.

    I just learned to sew last summer, and hey, I moved to the Denver area for a job recently! Howdy neighbor.

    I love that you and Seamly now share a space. Congratulations on your move!

  • Laura

    I LOVE Box #2!! About me: I FINALLY got out the sewing machine my sis-in-law got me 3 years ago, and have been borderline obsessed with finding little projects to practice. Still working on those straight stitches – but I’m getting there! I’m getting married in November, and have a rather stubborn dream of sewing a rehearsal dinner dress. It will happen!

  • d

    box 4 would be fantastic! i love bright colors — i’m known for it at work — and the fabrics in box 4 would make my day.

  • Megan Ochoa

    Box 2 is lovely. I’m an Army wife which currently means I’m living out of luggage for a few months while we move to Hawaii. Thanks for the give away!

  • Suzanne Beaubien

    I FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING AWESOME ABOUT MYSELF! Whew. Good save, Suzanne. Here’s an awesome thing about me: I once worked as a deckhand on a passenger ferry and during the day the captain and I would drop a crab trap so we could have dinner on the dock after we ferried back the last people. He taught me how to kill a crab with my bare hands. That was 13 years ago. I’m probably too scared now to even touch a crab. New York City has weakened me in many ways.

  • Jessica

    I would not be picky about a box–there is potential in every single one! Something awesome about me is that I hang out with teenagers every day and actually enjoy it. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Box 3 would be fabulous for some of the drapey summer things I want to sew. Last year I was about structure and this year I’m about drape 🙂

  • Dee

    Best of luck with your move! One awesome thing about me is I try to be a wonderful auntie. I have two amazing nephews and I’ve poured my heart and soul into trying to introduce them to all kinds of crafts. Those boys have learned painting, sewing, knitting, weaving, clay. You name it! I hope when they’re adults, they’ll find some artistic outlet that brings them joy. If I’m chosen, I would love #4, please. Thank you!

  • Emily

    Box 4or box 2 are my picks. I’ve tied a pair of shoes (other people’s) with my toes.

  • Qui Pardue

    What a sweet giveaway! Box #2 please.
    And…. I have an identical twin sister. She is awesome, and we have on a few occasions dressed up alike 😉

  • Maddie

    First, congratulations on the new studio. That’s exciting!

    I would give anything for box #4. Something to know about me is that I discovered sewing eight years ago when I found my mom’s old sewing machine shortly after she died. I feel like I carry her with me through each project.

  • Sharon

    Congrats on the new studio!

    Box 2 looks great for some summer sewing. I’m graduating from graduate school in less than three weeks!

  • Ali

    I love box 3! I’m in a band with my adorable husband and create beats. I am overflowing with information about synthsizers, which I think is interesting.

  • awfully nice

    Box 1!!! Awesome?… my cats are the sh$%.

  • Liz B.

    I would be so excited to get Box 1! I just found a Janome school mate at a junk store for $20 and would put it to good use making dresses and coats with this stash.

  • Katrina

    I would love Box 1 – and I completed a half marathon this weekend!

  • crab&bee

    Happy moving!! I can’t wait to hear about your new workspace plans.

    I’m head over heels for Box 1! Something about me… I played collegiate rugby!

  • Rhi

    I would love box one!

    I have a neurotic calico cat named Yam Yam.

  • Gina

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! I would love box 1 – I have a thing for laces that color coordinate with other fabrics. Something awesome about me: I’m a week away from (hopefully) having part of my dissertation project approved so I can continue with the rest of it. Wish me luck!

  • Kelly

    Ooooo, box #1, yum yum! The blue is gorgeous and wool coating- yes please! Something awesome about me…I used to be an airline pilot, but I left flying to stay home with my two wild, crazy and beautiful girls, who are the most awesome people I know!

  • Margo

    Box 2 or box 4. Something awesome about me is that I have now been making and selling handmade jewelry for almost a decade.

  • nicole_boldgoods

    I am committing to make-not-buy whatever I need that is sewn this year! I could really use Box number 1!! Good luck on the move!

  • Sarah

    I have a 10 yr old cat named Kitkat!
    Box 1 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I’m in love with Box #1 colors! And if you pick me I can make some pretty things after I take my podiatric surgery boards at the end of May! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Oh lucky US residents!! 🙂 Lovely fabrics – good luck on your move! ^__^

  • soisewedthis

    Box 1 or 2 look inspiring! I’m in need of a little inspiration to start a new sewing project. Something awesome is that I’m teaching myself crochet, which I’ve never done before! (Although it has eaten into my sewing time…)

  • Stephanie

    A poor college girl can’t pass up this free fabric opportunity, can she? Box 1 has my name all over it.. 😉

  • Sally {thequirkypeach}

    This is a killer giveaway! I have to say I am loving the selection in Box #1 – my little heart went pitter pat at the coating and the blues and the knit – GAH! And hmmmm, well one thing that is awesome about me is that I can fold my hands and twist my arms around my head like a pretzel without letting go – that does not translate well in written form. Oh well! Lol 🙂

    P.S. I just finished a dress that was started over two years ago, made with the same large print tropical rayon in box 3 – awesome!

  • Helen

    Can’t wait to see what awesome stuff you make in your new space. I love your style!

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