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January 9, 2014

Hiii!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I’ve totally missed my little space here. I’m not going to do a recap or anything, but I do want to say that 2013 was a really great year for me. Possibly the best ever. Not only regarding relationships and business, but 2013 was the year that I found out about the Venture Bros, liquid eyeliner (HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?) and Frank Ocean. I also became a redhead. I’m still pumped about that.

bray hat | brooklyn tweed

bray hat | brooklyn tweed

Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies because I can do it on the couch. It makes me feel productive when I’m feeling like a lazy bum. This does not apply to all knitting of course. I started Stonecutter weeks ago, totally screwed up the chart and threw it aside. Then I decided to copy Jen and pre-game with a Bray. My chart-reading skills came back (I’ve made a friggin’ Beatnik and Kaide! I should be able to handle this…) thank goodness and now I have a really cute hat. Stonecutter has since been resumed.

Pattern: Brooklyn Tweed Bray Cap by Jared Flood
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Birdbook | two skeins
Mods: I used a longtail cast-on instead of tubular.

Shelter was interesting to work with. It feels different for some reason – rustic yet springy. It broke a couple of times while I was knitting the ribbing on Stonecutter, but I haven’t had any issues since which is strange considering how tense cables can be.

simple pleasures hat | purl bee

simple pleasures hat | purl bee

I also knit a Purl Bee Simple Pleasures hat. I had the Berroco Ultra Alpaca in my stash then grabbed a matching Shibui Silk Cloud from Fancy Tiger. I’m not usually into purple, but I think this shade is pretty rad. The Silk Cloud is so subtle that I’m not sure it was worth using. I have some in gray that I’ll hold double with Ultra Alpaca fine for a second hat. It’s going to be hard to not knit like ten of these. It’s my favorite style.

Pattern: The Purl Bee Simple Pleasures Hat
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Shibui Silk Cloud | one skein each
Mods: I didn’t knit the ribbing for 6″ like the pattern stated – I only knit 3″ and regret it immensely. See how the reverse stockinette shows?? I really hate that.

snoflinga hat | wiksten

snoflinga hat | wiksten

Snoflinga is one of those patterns that I think is sort of weird, but I’m into it. The bobbles were surprisingly difficult with the yarn that I used. I redid them several times and there were still some gaping issues. I was able to take the excess yarn and loop it around the bobble. BOOM. Problem solved.

Pattern: Snoflinga by Jenny Gordy
Yarn: Austermann Alpaca Silk in white | two skeins
Mods: Used a different yarn than called for.

I have a few more hats in the queue as well. I really do wear one daily because it’s friggin’ cold and I’m outside a lot and – double bonus – I don’t really, technically have to do my hair… Yeah. Sorrs.


I only have two resolutions this year: wear lipstick more often and read more non-fiction. So far I’m kicking ass at both. My new thing is Revlon Black Cherry (thanks to my SIL for informing me about this little $7 miracle) and I wear it all of the time now. At first I thought I looked like a gothic hooker, but now I think it looks normal. Any other color recommendations? Brands? Tips? ENLIGHTEN ME.

Alrighty. I think that’s it. I’ll see you around soon.


  • Kelly

    Ooooooo, now I need to knit some hats! I was thinking that Snoflinga looked pretty cool but if you had problems with it there is no hope for me, ha.

    • stephanie

      You can do it!! I promise. I haven’t knit bobbles for a while is all. I think it was the yarn. Or me. They are so fun and quick and rewarding. And useful!

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    These knits are amaaazing. I would love to make the bray and the Wiksten hat one day, one day. And I second you on the lipstick excitement. Looking forward to seeing what you make in 2014!

    • stephanie

      Hey thanks! You’ll get there! Hats are awesome because they’re so quick. Once you get the hang of the pattern or chart it’s already done. I kind of like that. Yay! You too!

  • Mady

    I LOVE these hats! Totally feeling the same about knitting. You can be creative just sitting on your couch! You totally inspired me to knit more hats!

    • stephanie

      Thank-you! Right?!? Ughh, it’s the best. I’ve been pretty vegetative lately and omg I should post a picture of my couch. YARN AND NEEDLES AND PATTERNS EVERYWHERE. I just noticed. I better clean that up…

  • Eva

    Love these! My fav: ‘reading’ by audiobook WHILE knitting…yum. Happy 2014!

    • stephanie

      I cannot believe I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I really need to try it! I’ll continue to read physical books when I can just because it’s the only hobby I have where I can disconnect and really focus on one thing. Even when I’m sewing or knitting there’s music or Netflix in the background. I’m always multi-tasking and overstimulated! Ha ha. Any recommendations? And where do you get your audiobooks? Thanks – Happy 2014 to you too!

  • Andrea

    I already told you I liked two of them on IG, but Bray is probably my fave – those cables. And again, that lipstick!

  • Katy

    Cute! I don’t knit (yet), but I do wear lipstick. I might just treat myself to some of that Revlon magic. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Sara

    wow you’ve been busy! all of your hats look great. i like the silk cloud w/ultra alpaca–it gives the surface a nice fuzzy halo. your red hair looks fab too.

    • stephanie

      I have soooo many projects going on! Half finished sweaters, tons of almost finished sewn stuff… !!! I’m going to tackle a few things this weekend. You can tell then? The fuzziness? Hey thanks! I really like it red.

  • Ginger

    Wow, these are all so cute! I love the Bray hat– I’m a sucker for cables! It’s so cute! I’m still tempted to try the Stonecutter with you guys, but I’m not sure I have the patience/guts!

    • stephanie

      DO ITTTTT!!! It’s going to take years anyway. I really wanted to finish this winter, but… I don’t know. I get distracted. Like yesterday I bought yarn for the Arrowhead cardigan and I’m pretty sure I’ll be casting on today. I have no self-control.

      Stonecutter is a piece that will take forever, but I’ll enjoy the process. Then I’ll promptly ruin it with red wine the first time I wear it.

  • Kelly

    My goodness, these are gorgeous hats! And they look great against your hair 🙂 I really love the Bray hat, I think that one’s making its way on my must knit list. I totally miss wearing hats all the time since we moved to SF last year!

    • stephanie

      Thanks so much! I really love Bray too and it’s such an enjoyable knit. I bought more Shelter for a Bough as well. BT has some really great patterns.

      But what a great place to live! You may not need as many hats, but shawls seem to be a practical accessory for SF. I’ve just grown to appreciate those lately and would like to knit more.

  • Amanda

    Oh I’m totally with you there!! Knitting is the perfect combination of being productive and lazy – I adore it ^__^ I’m also with you on that purple – funny, but I’m the same way; not a purple girl at all, but lately I’ve been very attracted to those greyed or heathered dark purples, and I really love yours!! 🙂 Your hats are marvelous, and your yarn choices stellar 🙂 I’m totally adding that Simple Pleasures hat to my faves on Ravelry ^__^

    • stephanie

      Right?!? It’s so nice. When I’m at my absolute laziest then I work on the Basalt wrap that I have in progress. It’s just garter stitch for miles! It’s weird, huh? I think that particular shade is totally complimentary to all of the tones I have going on.

      Ha ha, thank-you, thank-you. Yes you should!

  • Sara

    <3 <3 <3
    I'm impressed with the dark red, too! The past six months or so I've been experimenting with red lipsticks. I've still not found one I love love love, though. Nate kind of doesn't like it (I think it's just cause he doesn't want lipstick on him when I kiss him).
    Do you have a library card? You can check out audio books on their website. For free. Or, there are some good deals on amazon/audible for some of the classics. I saw something a while back about buying the kindle edition and you'd get the audible version for a few bucks more, enliven together it was cheaper than the audible cost alone.

    • stephanie

      HI SARA!!! I can’t really tell if Eric is into it or not. Whatevs. I am. Ha ha.

      I don’t and I totally need one! Omg, thank-you so much for the suggestion. I don’t even have a CO driver’s license yet because I’ve been putting that shit off… for 1.5 years. Ok, I’ll look into that on Amazon too. I was looking at other sites and they were all $14.95 a month for one book! That doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. I go to Tattered to peruse the used book section a couple times a week and get great ones for so cheap. Maybe that’s another reason I haven’t switched.

  • crab&bee

    Love your hats! They go really well with your resolutions, too – hats, lipstick, books. Done. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and finally delve into Venture Bros. this year – I know I’m going to love it!

    • stephanie

      Thank-you! It’s very cohesive, right? I’m trying not to overcommit. 🙂

      AHH!!! I think you might love it. The first season is a tiny bit slow, but stick with it. Season 5 was incredible and 6 won’t be out until 2015! I’ve become a bit obsessed with the show and plan on being The Monarch for Halloween and comic-con. I love all of those animated adult comedies. I started Home Movies last night and it’s extremely clever and hilarious. Look into that one too if you haven’t already.

  • Paulette

    I’ve been wanting to knit that purl bee simple pleasures hat for awhile now, but I was too nervous to deviate from the specific yarn blend they used since I’m a rather new knitter… so it’s great to see your project turned out beautifully! It gives me the courage to try my own!

    • stephanie

      Are you on Ravelry? I would highly recommend that you get on there! You can see what yarns people have used for a specific pattern and usually users leave detailed notes. I saw that a few knitters had used worsted yarn, so I figured I could get away with it! Hats are fun because you can’t screw them up too badly. 🙂 I’d say go for it! Let me know if you have any questions too.

  • maddie

    I’m glad you had a great year and that you became a red head. Join the club 🙂

    Love all the hats, but I love your new year’s resolutions. I think you’ll be able to stick to them!

    • stephanie

      Thank-you! I’m seriously so excited about it. It’s really, really crazy, but I feel like I’ve found my shade. I may not do henna forever because it’s so bright, but I’ll stick with warm tones from here on out. It’s been a good time.

      Awh, thanks! I think so too! 🙂

  • Kristina

    Love all the hats, but the Snoflinga is definitely the cutest! The white suits you so well!

  • emily marie

    I am seconding the library audio books because FREE! I haven’t been renting as many lately, but just put ’em on your phone and listen while sewing, knitting, in the car, wherever. The last thing I listened to was Rob Lowe’s autobiography (read by him, of course); it was amazing.
    I love the purple hat, that shade and the fuzziness make it look so cozy AND it looks awesome with that lipstick.

    • stephanie

      I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me! I live by a library, but I live even closer to a bookstore, so that’s my default. I’ll check them out for sure! Oooh, that sounds like a good one!

      The purple hat is for sure worn the most.

  • sallie

    Yes! These hats are just what I need to be seeing right now! You are such a killer knitter, seriously… one day I dream of being you. Also – your colors here, but especially the green and purple, look amazing with your red hair! I’m a big fan of red heads in purple, just and fyi! It’s like the prettiest shades of autumn… Okay, enough of me being weird, you rock. That’s all.

    • stephanie

      Awwh, Sallie, THANK-YOU! I wish I could sew like you do, so we need to trade or something. Not weird at all – I’m really excited about this redhead thing and how dramatic colors can look. I’m used to being a bit monochromatic. It’s weird being so bright. I think purple is going to grow on me. The right shades anyway.

      You do too.

  • Kim

    Ooh I love your hats! They all look gorgeous! My favourite type of red lipstick is Chanel’s rouge coco. Really stays on the whole evening/day and they’ve got some gorgeous reddish colours..

  • Eleanor

    I love those hats! I’m working on making a knitting hat pattern as of late, but it’s coming along slowly…. it’s my first time making a hat pattern so slow is to be expected. 🙂 On another note, your hair is gorgeous! Did you use henna? I’ve been thinking about trying a more true red/ginger henna on my hair, but haven’t been able to bite the bullet just yet. Henna is permanent so it’s a big commitment. :-0

    • stephanie

      Hi Eleanor! I would love to see your hat when the pattern is finished! I can never have enough. Ha ha, I’ve never attempted pattern writing and I’m assuming it must be difficult.

      Thank-you! Yes, I actually do. I have so much to say about henna! First of all, it’s really messy and stinky, but it’s cheap and that part is awesome. It is permanent and it bums me out that I can’t do other crazy things with my hair, but I do like it enough that I’ll be a redhead for life. Maybe not always use henna, but some shade for sure. It looks like you have reddish hair and the henna would probably highlight it beautifully. A test strand would be a good idea too. Also, henna is very orange. I like that, but a lot of people don’t. I think the maroon tones, with a bit of indigo, are really pretty too. Also, I went to a salon to go from blonde to red and it faded really, really fast. Henna really stays in well. I mostly just have to dye my roots, but I’ll do the whole thing for a refresher every 6+ weeks or so. Let me know if you go ahead with it!

  • laura

    Great yarn choices for these hats!
    Lipstick….try Lipstick Queen Medieval!

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