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November 19, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I quietly celebrated Native Clutter’s first birthday! You guys have been so kind and supportive that I wanted to do a giveaway so you could join in the fun. I’m giving away THREE pieces. All you have to do is visit then come back here and leave a comment telling me which piece you would like. That’s it. I’ll end the giveaway next Tuesday at 11:59 PM MST and randomly draw the winners the next day. I’ll ship internationally too!


binary necklace
ion earrings ion earrings

terra necklace

monolith earrings

If you want updates and styling ideas then also follow Native Clutter on Facebook! I also blog here.

And right now Sparrow boutique is carrying a few online exclusives like the Beaded Bibs and Luna. They have cute bags and clothing, so check them out too!

Also, what’s your opinion on Etsy vs. Big Cartel? On you can check out directly without registering for anything, but is that even a big deal? I would love some feedback on that.

As MTT readers I wanted to offer you discount codes too. Use MTT20 on either or for 20% off. There’s no expiration date.

Alrighty, back to sewing!

**Disclaimer – if you choose a piece that is sold-out during the time of the giveaway, but replaceable then you have the option of waiting (usually I can get supplies quickly) or choosing something else in stock. If it’s sold-out and one-of-a-kind then you’ll have to choose another piece. Thanks for understanding!


Edited to add: If you want  a good cry-laugh please visit Knit York City’s post about holiday knitting. It’s the best.


  • Shira Y

    Oh wow, the Tidal Turquoise + Copper necklace is so pretty, I would love to have it 🙂

  • Jan

    Oh my goodness – how did I not know about Native Clutter?! Beautiful jewelry and very reasonable prices!

    I’d love to own and wear the Ascent lapis & gold necklace.

    Happy birthday and thank you for this opportunity.

  • Lindsey

    Happy birthday! Beautiful work. I would choose the rift earrings for sure. If I won them, I would buy either the Ascent or the Odyssey to match.

  • Elena

    Oh wow, what a treat! I love the Penumbra earrings. Happy birthday, and thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • crab&bee

    Happy birthday! Your shop looks beautiful. i think the real benefit to Etsy is the customer reviews, but I haven’t shopped too much with Big Cartel. My favorite piece is the gorgeous Binary necklace!

  • Katie

    I love the Horizon – Magnesite + Brass pendant!

  • Zanna

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I’d have to choose meteor, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • LaQuila

    All of these pieces are so nice! But if I have to choose, I would like the Brass Labradorite necklace.

  • Annette Tirette

    Congratulations! I love the Meteor necklace!

  • Emily

    Gorgeous. I’m totally in the market for a longer necklace right now, just like the Odyssey.

  • emily g

    Congratulations! All of your pieces are gorgeous, but my absolute favorite has to be the Aurora necklace. Such a perfect piece to wear every single day.

    I think Big Cartel shops can look a bit more professional than Etsy – less like a hobby and more like a business. That said, I browse Etsy all the time looking for new-to-me designers, so being part of such a big site can really help your customers find you, and I always feel better about making purchases when I can easily find feedback from previous customers.

  • sallie

    Happy One Year!! Congrats!!
    This is such a cool giveaway! I’ve lusted after your Native Clutter beauties for so long now! I think the lapis Ascent is absolutely gorgeous, but I also have a soft spot for turquoise … Ack! So hard to choose just one!

  • Tina

    The Ion earrings are smashing—- thanks for sharing and for the opportunity!!!

  • Lisa

    O wow happy birthday and Yaaaaay! I bought the Aurora necklace not too long ago and it’s quickly become my favourite necklace.

    … but I’d love to have the Lustrum too 😀

  • CJR

    Congrats on a year of the business! I have been admiring your necklaces especially, as they have popped up on various sewing blogs. I’m especially loving tarnish, verdigris and geometic shapes. The Meteor pendant and Aegis necklace are especially stylish and lovely. Thanks for the chance ot share!

    On the subject of Etsy vs BigCartel, my thoughts are much the same as other people’s above: Etsy has the advantage of other customers’ feedback, and the format means you get to see other vendors products too. Big Cartel, in my limited experience, is just a consumer/vendor portal. This might be a good thing or a bad thing I guess, depending on what other kinds of internet interfaces a vendor has. Etsy, rather forces the hand of the vendor to stay within its design remits, which tend to the slightly folksy.

    Other than that, Big Cartel is just such an awful name! – It sounds like some exploitative, predatory, corporation, that might eat small vendors for breakfast. But I guess this is their problem, not yours…!

  • Andrea

    This post makes me so happy! I’m so glad to know that NC has had a successful first year and I wish you many more to come (you know I’m a big fan!). As for your question re etsy v. Big Cartel, I’m afraid I can’t comment because I’ve never used Big Cartel, but the one thing I do like about etsy is the ability to pay via PayPal so I don’t have to pull out the credit card and type all those numbers every time I make a purchase. Happy anniversary Native Clutter, and congrats Stephanie!

    P.S. I don’t want to enter the giveaway because you’ve already been extremely generous each time I’ve ordered from you. THANK YOU!

  • Yana

    Happy birthday to your shop! Your work is beautiful. I’d love to own a pair of ION (Pyrite + Brass) earrings 🙂 Thanks for such a lovely giveaway.

  • Melani

    Congrats on the first birthday …

    I love the triad brass earrings …
    And I prefer big cartel rather than Etsy because it is quicker process to purchase things BUT I like etsy because I can see customer reviews …
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • Ginny

    Congratulations on Native Clutter’s first birthday! I discovered your work just a few weeks ago and I am a big fan already! I’d love to wear any of your pieces, your aesthetic appeals to me immensely — today I am swooning over ODYSSEY ▼ Lapis + Pyrite :D.

  • Kelly

    Ooooo, I am going to use the discount code to do some Christmas shopping, yay!! But if I were lucky enough to win the giveaway I would choose the Binary necklace, I love it!

  • Nicole

    I already own two necklaces and love them! They have held up well even with three preschoolers pulling on them. Next on my list is the Aurora … Hopefully I win, but otherwise that code will come in handy. Thanks 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Congrats! You’ve got some beautiful stuff- and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. My favorite is Aurora- though it was a really tough choice!

  • Jo

    Wow Stephanie, absolutely gorgeous! I’d definitely go for the Aegis brass & steel necklace (and might just have to buy it if I don’t win…). Happy birthday!

  • Liza

    Congratulations in celebrating a year in business, a great achievement!and I wish you all the best for the following year(s)!!
    I love all your pieces but my favourite is tidal…..just beautiful!!

  • Kim

    Wow, happy anniversary! Super difficult to choose only one favourite though, but my two favourites are the glacier necklace and the ion earrings..

  • Michelle

    Happy birthday, Native Clutter! I love your style, Stephanie. Every piece feels so organic and unique. I think Terra is my favorite. Thanks for the discount code, too. I want to get something special for my daughter and sister for Christmas and I know they’d love your jewelry.

  • Amy

    Happy first birthday! Best of luck for year two.
    I think I finally narrowed down the Jetty labradorite and brass necklace as a favourite.

  • Naomi

    Yay, congrats! 🙂 Wow, it’s really hard to choose from so many beautiful pieces! But I think I like the TERRA necklace best. Love the interesting texture of the quartz!

  • Laurie

    Sigh….it is all so beautiful! Congratulations on the anniversary. I have a hard time narrowing it down, but the Terra necklace is definitely calling me. I think I might have to order it if I’m not one of the lucky winners!

  • Haylee

    My gosh, I went them ALL. Ahh but if I chose one I think i’d go with these beauties:

    love love love love love!

  • d

    they are all so beautiful! i think that i would wear the PENUMBRA (jasper + brass) ones the most, though, since i love that pop of red.

  • emily -- a denver home companion

    happy birthday!

    me oh my. i couldn’t choose just one: grid, glacier, or spartan. pick me!


  • Sally

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary! How awesome 🙂 I hope your business has been thriving! I totally love the Aurora necklace in Brass (I actually teach in the town of Aurora – how perfect is that!) Also loving the Pulsar earrings! Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!

  • Mary M

    I like the ION earrings. So pretty!

  • Rachel

    I love the Glacier necklace!

  • Natasha Jane

    The Terra quartz and brass necklace is gorgeous!

  • Mady

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!I love the METEOR ▼ Crystal + Brass necklace!

  • Jase

    Happppppy birthday Native Clutter! Whoever wins is lucky, since each piece is unique and beautiful. The Aurora would definitely be my favorite <3

  • Maggie

    thanks for the opportunity at a giveaway! i like the crest earrings.

    i like the look of big cartel better than etsy, but i haven’t actually shopped from a big cartel website to have a great sense of the entire experience.

  • Kristina

    Happy anniversary!
    Stephanie, you know I love your jewellery, so it’s hard for me to choose a favorite piece 🙂 I think I love the AEGIS ▼ Brass + Steel most. Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll win :))

  • Stuffi

    Congratulations the first birthday of Native Clutter. 🙂

    I’ve fallen in love with the ION ▼ Pyrite + Silver earrings and I’d love to call them my own.

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations with your first whole year!!
    It is not an easy task to choose from the whole site but if I just love the Aurora brass necklace. It is beautiful!!

  • Liz

    Congrats! It was hard to choose just one, but I choose the aegis necklace. Lovely!

  • Paulette

    Happy 1st Birthday! I love the Seismic earrings, thanks for a beautiful giveaway!

  • Dayl

    Oh wow! What a lovely thing to do! Happy 1st Birthday! I think my absolute favourite from the collection is the ASCENT ▼ Lapis + Gold necklace. Something about it just speaks to me 🙂

  • Sarah

    Congrats on your one year milestone! I love the tidal necklace.

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