The Little Things

October 20, 2013

Eric and I have this thing where we talk about our small wins of the day, the little things that make us grateful or proud or happy. This week I feel like my little things have actually been big things. It’s been a good week at NC, I met the Oatmeal at a book signing (AGAIN!) and a sweater was saved.

I bought this yarn, Karabella Aurora 8, waaaay on sale almost a year ago.  I started knitting Kaari pretty soon after, but set it aside once I had the back finished. It’s stockinette and tedious and I was trying to figure out how to alter the neckline. I thought ten balls would be enough. It’s not. Kaari isn’t Kaari without the front pockets and at the rate I was going there wouldn’t even be enough yarn for the front. It’s been a year. No way will I find that yarn again much less the same dye lot.



EXCEPT FOR I DID. The yarn shop that I purchased it from still had some – same color, same dye lot. Apparently I’m the only person in all of Colorado who  wants this yarn and I’m ok with that. I grabbed three more and fingers crossed it’s enough. I’m almost done with the knitting, but I know blocking and seaming will take me a few days.

I’m quite grateful the sweater will be finished. It’s one of my favorite patterns.


Also, I did some serious organizing and since this is never going to happen again I want it on public record. Look at this shit:

so fresh and so clean!



  • sallie

    i love the idea of sharing your wins at the end of the day – think i’ll try and incorporate that into our daily unwind/bitch fest! so glad your sweater was saved – i can’t wait to see it finished! it’s such an interesting pattern! and i’m DYING over your workspace. gorgeous.

    • stephanie

      Ha ha, we definitely have that too! I’ve been obsessed with Kaari for years. Elly from Garment House and Jenny from Wiksten both made gorgeous versions.

      I’m incredibly grateful for my space and wish I could keep it orderly. It’s pretty much insane over there. Eric jokes about hanging up a huge blue tarp to hide it because it’s usually such an eyesore. Ha ha… yeah.

  • Jan

    Sooooo jealous of your pristine space. My sewing space is a nightmare, but it’s all my fault! I get motivated to clean/straighten/organize, but then I could use that same hour to sew. Sewing always wins.

    I think when I get back from the next trip – in three weeks, for which I’m frantically sewing tops and a new coat – I will dedicate a week: no sewing until I straighten the space. Wish me luck!

    Thanks for your post.

  • Andrea

    Nice save! You Kaari is going to look awesome, and your organized sewing/jewel making space is making me want to clean mine too 😉

    • stephanie

      I finally snapped. You know when you can’t find anything and keep stepping on sharp objects and have ten projects started? That’s my breaking point.

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  • K-Line

    I CANNOT believe you sourced that yarn a year later. That’s ridiculously lucky. And your room looks great.

  • Kelly

    I’m so glad you found more of that yarn!! It’s meant to be 🙂 Your workspace is beautiful too. So inspiring, and it looks like you have some wonderful windows!

  • Natasha Jane

    Love your workspace! And good luck finishing the sweater.

  • Ginger

    Damn! Your workspace is so tidy and bright! Savor this moment! 🙂

    So glad you were able to find more yarn– that’s a huge win! Yay!

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    You can knit too? Seriously girl! I wish I could. That sweater is mega cute. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    • stephanie

      I’m by FAR a better knitter than I am seamstress. Ha! Sewing terrifies me a lot of the time and knitting is like an extension of my arms. Learn how!! It’s super easy and a nice change of pace. I knit socks while watching shows and feel much less guilty.

  • Sara

    yay congrats! the yarn gods must’ve been smiling on you.

  • Michelle

    Your right. Kari must have pockets! So glad you found the yarn you needed and it’s great that you take the time to notice things you’re grateful for, rather than just moving forward without a glance behind you. And your workspace is incredible. All that sun and space!

    • stephanie

      The funny thing is that we actually have ZERO sun. I get a few hours out of our two southeast facing windows and that’s about it. It looks good though when the sun is coming through! 😉

      I do think it’s important to find little things to be grateful for. I’m much more positive and happy when I do that.

  • Tina

    Fabulous space——- Love your Kaari! Knit on Sister!

  • Amy

    What a find on that yarn. Wahoo! And, that space. Whoa. I have a teeny tiny little corner tucked into our dining room area. It’s just awful for being truly productive. One of these days I hope to have a space like yours. Until then, I’ll think fondly on this photo and imagine that your space stays forever this neat!

  • Carolyn

    Stunning! I’ve never heard of the Kaari, thanks for the little peak at it. The colour you chose is gorgeous, and it was obviously meant to be!
    Your workspace is too beautiful. My gosh. I’m green with envy :).

    • stephanie

      Thanks Carolyn! I’m incredibly grateful for my space. I called dibs on it the second we moved in. It’s where the TV is supposed to be, but since we just use our laptops it wasn’t a big deal.

  • Amanda

    What a lovely yarn colour – I think Kaari will be perfect on you, and it’s such a great break that you found enough to finish it – yay!! 🙂 Congrats on getting your workspace tidied! It’s so lovely and spacious… but I bet that means more room for things to get out of hand LOL – it would for me! 🙂

  • Kristina

    Yay for getting more of that yarn, can’t wait to see your sweater when it’s finished! Your workspace looks great!

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