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September 17, 2013

I was discouraged after my last attempt at bra making. The sewing part isn’t necessarily difficult (minus the channels which I did not attempt), but I knew that it would take several muslins to get the fit right. And that’s for each pattern. I wanted a small win. When I saw this Jasmine soft bra on Shona Stitches blog, I immediately purchased and printed the pattern.

Jasmine consists of only three pattern pieces and contains so much potential.

ginger + jasmine

This set was initially a muslin. I just wanted to get a feel for the pattern and sewing elastic. As it came together I started to really like it! It’s funny because I’m so inspired by Ohh Lulu’s gorgeous, feminine sets (Sequins?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! SWOON.), but made such a boyish set myself.

ginger + jasmine / detail

After cutting out the cups I realized I would need to do an FBA to fit my, ahem, enhanced bustline. I kind of used tips from Amy at Cloth Habit’s sewalong and kind of winged it. I just slashed and spread. It worked because it’s a knit. A woven wouldn’t have been the right shape. Here’s my very non-technical result:


I used a really old, poly blend stash knit. The black lining is organic cotton from Michael Levine found here. It’s the only plain cotton knit in my stash, so I’m going to grab a few colors to have on hand for linings. I especially love the wide, plush bra straps that I purchased from Sew Sassy. They are so soft and comfortable!

ginger + jasmine / back

ginger + jasmine / back detail

The bra is too loose around the band (even though I trimmed an inch from the back). I think it’s due to the stretchiness of my knit. I thought lining it with the black cotton would stabilize it a bit, but it’s still stretchy. That’s good though because as I said above, the cups wouldn’t have fit otherwise. It fits well enough and is so soft and comfortable that I’ll wear it at home. In the future I’ll grade the pattern down for a snugger fit.

And let’s not forget the undies! I paired my Jasmine bra with Ginger high-waisted bottoms. I think they are adorable and the fit is really flattering. I could actually add an 1” or so to the top since I’m tall. They were really easy to put together, but I need to work on my zig-zag topstitching. It doesn’t completely cover the elastic, so the elastic flares out and there are places where it bunched as I was sewing over bulky areas.

I’m officially hooked. There will be way more sewn underpants on this blog. Have you attempted them yet? How do you feel about sewing underwear? I’m looking forward to being good enough to cut into my gorgeous Merckwaerdigh sets and stashed silks.


  • mokosha

    adorable.. i’ve been sewing similar sets for me too, made a few so far, but none of them being so successful as yours.. now you inspired me to try again

    • stephanie

      Thank-you! Try again! I was careful about measuring and fitting. I had to cut the cups twice. The undies fit perfectly on the first try, so I definitely recommend that pattern.

  • emily marie

    I had no doubt. These turned out splendidly! Slash and spread looks good to me- as long as if fits alright! I’m totally with you on needing a tight band, maybe just add stable powermesh or a stretch woven to the back pieces next time? I know nothing about bra making, so there you go.
    I tried to make myself underwear a couple months ago, but the fabric I used didn’t have any elastic content… they looked cute on/were functional for about five minutes before they started stretching out. BAD NEWS. Will try again soon as I have Ohhh Lulu’s Bambi bra and Cloth Habit’s underwear pattern.

    • stephanie

      Awh, thanks! That’s a good idea. Really. A woven somewhere in the mix would help the fit I’m sure.

      HA HA HA! Oh man, that sounds like a pretty funny situation. Shoot. Well definitely try again! I have half made some Rosy Ladyshorts and love them. Like, perfect fit. I’ll finish them someday. I want to try a Bambi bra too.

  • christine

    Adorable! I made some of the Ohhh Lulu items too and love them! Yours are super cute!

  • Shona

    This turned out great! It’s definitely a satisfying make after too many complicated projects. I really need to make my matching Betty undies!

  • Carolyn

    Oh, this is perfect! I love the way you’ve positioned the stripes on the undies. A really gorgeous set!

  • sallie

    I am so intimidated by sewing underthings!! Your set is absolutely gorgeous, though – I love a boyish hint to my underwear! I wish I could just skip through all the gruesome fitting trial and error and just have a beautiful ‘made-for-me’ pattern to work with – then I’d be all set to take the plunge! I’m always in admiration of all you fearless sew-ers that go there! You’re so badass!

    • stephanie

      You’ve made bras though! Like, real ones! It scares me too. This was my small win. It was exciting and easy and new. I really enjoyed the whole process.


  • Shannon

    So inspiring! I’ve had patterns for actual, full-on bras sitting here for so long, but I think that I really need are comfy bralettes to lounge around in — so much less fussy, and I like this as an option to use fun prints that wouldn’t work as a dress or t-shirt.

    Looks like I know what’s next on my list!

    • stephanie

      They’re so practical! I had zero bralettes and now I want to wear them all of the time. Yes, definitely a great use for fun knits. I have several set aside for bras now.

  • Jen

    DUDE!!!! Soooooo cute, I am definitely going to order my shit finally and copy you. I saw those sequin ones she made on her instagram and sheesh, yeah, gonna need some of those too!

    • stephanie

      DO IT! DO IT! Ha ha, awh, thanks! I’m pretty pumped about the set.

      How fancy would I feel if I exclusively wore sequin underpants? That might happen.

  • Amy

    Oh yeah, the fonts are working! I love this set, and congrats on some happy underthings. It looks really good! And I get the need to redirect to an easier version of something so I don’t get discouraged. I don’t know… I just kept going until I got it right and I’m obviously addicted to lingerie. Sequins–yes!

    • stephanie

      Yes, finally! Thank-you so much for all of your help. I think lingerie is pretty complex, so it felt good to finish something that’s wearable. I’ll get back to underwires shortly. You’re a huge source of inspiration. Everything you make is stunning.

  • crab&bee

    There’s something so luxurious about a matching set – yours looks amazing and comfy a the same time, and your choice of fabric is wonderful as always. I’m nervous about trying to make bras but this pattern looks like it might be an good place to start!

  • Ms. McCall

    Those are so cute! I love how you placed the stripes! Underwear is such a great way of using up scraps, and that bra looks so comfy! My favourite pattern for undies is the free hipster panties by ‘MakeBra’ but these look really awesome, it looks like a pattern worth checking out

    • stephanie

      Ooh, I’ll have to check those out too. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve made some Rosy Undershorts from Cloth Habit and really like those too.

      They are a great way of using up scraps. I can’t believe I almost got rid of that fabric…

  • Neus

    Wowww!! I really love how it turned out! It seems super professional! And the fabric couldn’t be cutter!

  • Ginger

    So cute! I love this! I really need to make these, but I’m really intimidated by underwear! If it doesn’t fit just right, if feels annoying allll day!

    • stephanie

      I was worried about that and my mom even teased me about potentially sewing the leg holes two different sizes. I think I got lucky, but the Ginger bottoms really do fit well. They have great coverage.

  • true bias

    this looks so good! i could see this as an amazing swim suit too.

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