August 13, 2013

Well hey there! My project ADD has been in full friggin’ swing, so I’m going to do that thing where I publicly confess all of my WIP’s, make some goals, then bust shit out for the next six months (ha!).

Jetson's costume muslin / Vogue 1344

Jetson’s costume muslin / Vogue 1344

The other issue is that I’m ready for fall, so all of my summer projects now sound terrible.

Ok, so here’s what I currently have started:
1. striped Archer
2. navy Bombshell
3. abstract Jenny
4. multiple knits tops – Scouts & Built by Wendy patterns
5. nine thousand half-finished socks strewn all over the apt.
6. Kaari
7. navy Ballet Dress
8. Rosy Ladyshorts

Here’s what I’d like to make:
1. denim Moss skirt
2. white Archer
3. a jumpsuit
4. kelly green silk Vogue 1344
5. some sweaters – knit and sewn
6. underthings
7. something with this amazing fabric
8. another Beatnik
9. chambray sleeveless Archer
10. blazer
11. ….

That’s a good start I guess. I’m giving myself until next weekend to finish most of the first list minus the handknits. Kaari still has a ways to go and all of those socks are seriously going to take another year.

I’m pulling a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest boards. Apparently I want to wear the most comfortable clothing possible while still looking respectable. That means boyfriend jeans and loafers. Those are happening this fall.

In addition to starting projects, I’ve been working night and day on Native Clutter. I’m learning a lot about running a business, sourcing and getting things right. I’ve been open almost a year now and it’s flown by.

new NC

What are you guys working on? I have a lot of catching up to do!


ALSO! Does anyone know how to use @font-face? I’m seriously pulling my hair out. I’ve uploaded files to my ftp, entered code on my stylesheet aaaaand… nothing. If one of you could help me out I would really appreciate it.


  • Cirque Du Bebe

    An inspired list of to-sews! Looking forward to seeing them. I’m finding I’m drawing all my sewing inspiration from Pinterest too, its just the best place. Love love love the stationary bottom right, is that your native clutter branding?

    • stephanie

      Right?! I’m going to try. I really, really need a boxy white button-up and that moss skirt. It’s going to take a lot of will-power to finish that first list.

      Yes! I’m so excited about those – I made little postcard size thank-you cards with care instructions on the reverse side.

  • Cameron

    Can’t wait to see all of these on the blog! I’ve always found that a few quick road trips really make the socks fly off the needles.

    • stephanie

      That’s a good idea! A few trips to the mountains and they’ll be done! The problem is that I knit socks while watching shows, so I always knit the tube and leave yarn in for an afterthought heel. So I have all of these tubes with no heels or toes because the tube – even if it’s patterned – in my mind is the easy part. IT MUST STOP!

  • Sara

    that’s a long list! good luck with all of your projects.

  • Ginger

    Ugh, I’ve just been doing the same thing– going over the list of things I wanted to make this summer but didn’t finish (or sometimes even start). You’ve got some super cool garments on this list, though! I’m so excited to see them!

    • stephanie

      It’s so frustrating. Like, where the hell did my summer go?!?! You’ve been making great pieces though. I’m excited to see them too. Fingers crossed.

  • crab&bee

    I’ve had that Vogue pattern for awhile and would love to see your version of it! I haven’t started too many projects lately but am feeling some pressure to make fall clothes for myself. Jackets and pants feel especially necessary! Good luck with your projects 🙂

  • dixie

    your jewelry is beautiful! and that silk chiffon is to die for, no wonder you want to make something with it. what about a flow-y over skirt on a dress? and i think a kelly green vogue dress would be really lovely and a good transition garment for fall. good luck with all your sewing! you always make nice clothes 😉

    • stephanie

      I might even attempt underthings because it’s super stretchy. I’m so obsessed with it!! I’m aaaalmost done with the dress. Silk georgette is the most difficult fabric I’ve ever worked with. Thank-you!

  • Kelly

    Thank you! Your list of wips makes me feel better about mine! 🙂

    • stephanie

      Omg, hi Kelly! I’m so excited for you to reopen downtown!! Thanks for stopping by.

      And yes, it’s horrifying. I’m not even working on old stuff – just starting new projects!

      • Kelly

        Stephanie, I totally get it! I don’t even want to think about the projects that aren’t finished and tucked away for now.

        My store will be opening soon! We’re having a preview party tomorrow (8/31) from 10am until noon and then hope to open for real in a week or two.

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