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June 26, 2013



shorts: BDG/similar | earrings: Native Clutter Pyrite Drop Earrings
lips: MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense 40 | eyes: Warby Parker Zagg

I made a Scout! Oh man, I am so excited about this pattern. Slouchy tees are my favorite things to wear and my closet is running low on them.

Technically, this pattern is for wovens, but it sews up beautifully in a knit. I used a linen knit from Mood that I purchased a year ago. It looks like a few colors are still available here. The fabric isn’t as drapey as what I normally wear and the stiffness made it slightly difficult to finish. I resorted to the quick n’ dirty sergered edges folded up. For the neckline I used the selvedge edge. There was no stretch, but I love how it rolled over. I can still fit the shirt over my head, sooooo that’s good.

I compared the different sizes to measurements of tees I wear often and found the size 4 to be a few inches larger than my favorite tee. That was good news. I wanted it to be less fitted. I may even go up one more size when I cut out my lighter weight knits. I’ll also add a couple of inches to the length.



You can join in on the Scout Sew Along that’s happening over at Kollabora! There are prizes to be had and lots of great inspiration.

Scout Sew Along

Something else happened yesterday.

flux made it in!

omg!!! oh hey neil.

I met Neil Gaiman.

Last week I spent hours in line getting his book and a guaranteed spot in the signing line. Yesterday I spent hours in line trying to get a spot in the room to see him speak. I made it in! He’s my favorite author and I never would’ve thought I’d get the chance to meet him. It’s strange to make eye contact with one of your idols. He asked, “how are you doing?” and I could only respond with a polite, “good, how are you?” I suppose that’s better than squealing.

His new novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, is available now. If you haven’t read Gaiman and enjoy beautiful stories, mythology and a bit of darkness, I would recommend him. I’d start with something else though. Like Stardust or Neverwhere. Maybe American Gods. Or maybe try some short stories, like those in Smoke and Mirrors.

One thing I really love about book signings is the fans. The long waits are worth it because of the people. I made new friends and, as I’m still fairly new to this city, that means a lot. Thanks for the card games and good conversations, new friends, if you’re lurking out there!

Well, this post just became about Neil Gaiman. Any other fans out there? Or good book recommendations?


  • Elizabeth

    Beautiful top. Love the linen knits.

  • Nora Abousteit

    Great top and awesome blog! And you asked for more book recommendations – I’m reading Emily Matchar’s Homeward Bound, enjoying it!

  • Ginger

    This looks awesome! I love that knit! Is it weird that I’ve never read anything by Neil Gaiman? I’ll have to check him out.

    • stephanie

      It’s a good knit! It has a slight sheen and a fair amount of body. I want some for a knit dress.

      Nah, it’s not weird. But do check him out!

  • Michelle

    Your tee is perfect! Very cool that you met Neil Gaiman. I’ve put him on my “to read” list since you mentioned him. I also noticed he wrote a Dr. Who episode I saw last night -“The Doctor’s Wife”

    • stephanie

      Thanks! I really like it. More to come.

      There were a lot of discussions about Dr. Who last night! That’s funny you happened to watch that episode last night. I think he wrote one other.

  • Kathryn

    This is a perfect slouchy tee! I love the linen knit. I haven’t heard of that before so will need to keep an eye out for that next time I’m fabric shopping. I loved American Gods and keep meaning to read more of Neil Gaiman’s work. I just finished Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 and loved it so much I was sad to leave!

    • stephanie

      Yes, do! I doubt they’re all like this, but the knit I used has a lot of body. It’s really nice and has a pretty, subtle sheen.

      Did you?!?! Good to hear! I love that book. It’s one of my favorites. Anansi Boys isn’t necessarily a sequel, but has some of the same characters. I really enjoyed it too. 1Q84 sounds incredible. It’s on my to-read list now. Thanks!

  • Alisha

    Love him. My signed copy from Porter Square-Books in Cambridge came via UPS the same night I started my Scout. Happy days, happy days indeed…

    • stephanie

      Yay!! I actually ordered one from Porter Square too not knowing he was going to be in Denver! What did you think? I honestly didn’t love it, but I read it pretty quickly and had certain expectations – like, why can’t he write another American Gods? Gah! Wrong attitude, I know. But I did want something longer and grittier. He told how it was written and how it was just supposed to be for Amanda because he missed her. Some of that background made the content make more sense.

      • Alisha

        Totally. I’ve read American Gods about 5 times and I keep having to tell myself that everything can’t be American Gods. I think that I need to read it again now that I’ve stopped with the anxious salivation…it was such a long wait!
        Also, Your Scout is great. Looove the rolled collar!

  • Cameron

    There was so much to love in your post – linen knits (mind blown – I don’t know why that seems so crazy to me, but I love it), lovely scout tee, and Neil Gaiman. I think The Graveyard Book is one of my favorite books, but I’ve really enjoyed all of his books that I’ve read. I didn’t know he had a new one out!

    • stephanie

      Ha ha! Yes, they exist! And they’re super drapey and awesome.

      Is it?! Then you may enjoy his new one. I prefer his grittier stories like American Gods, Anansi Boys and the Sandman series. It was a beautiful story though. I loved the ending.

  • Zoe

    Love the tee! If the tee was made from a woven fabric, how would you get it on or off? Does it have a fastening or is it boxy enough that it doesn’t matter?

    • stephanie

      It’s boxy enough that it doesn’t matter! I treated this knit like a woven – straight stitches and no stretchy collar – and I can get it on and off comfortably. It was drafted to be sewn with woven fabrics. I just have a huge stash of jersey and an undying love for slouchy knit tees.

  • Stephanie

    wow I love how this turned out! I must try a knit scout next 🙂

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