Good News, Bad News

June 19, 2013

The bad news is that I finished my first bra muslin last night and the result is a gigantic, matronly, unholy terror. See?

bra 1

bra 2

It might be better once the trims are applied. I had some gaping in the armholes and the shape was pretty pointy. Using Amy’s guide, I made adjustments to the pattern pieces. I’ll sew up another muslin tonight. One thing I didn’t do, I just realized, is sew down the channels and add the underwires. That seems like a pretty important step. So, I’m going to try out the underwires, then sew muslin number two.

Despite the poor fit, I’m really, really excited about the potential here and the process. It was fun to sew and took such a tiny bit of fabric. My mind is racing with ideas!

Speaking of which, and it’s all good news from here on out, I also plan on making some Rosy Ladyshorts.

rosy ladyshorts!

I bought black lace trim to go with a lot of my stash knits. Compared to sewing a bra, undies seem relatively straight-forward. I’ve had issues in the past trying to fit bottoms (CLOVERS), but I think these will be different because of the knit fabric.

Annnnnd, I’ve added several new pieces to the shop. Get 20% off with the code SUMMER20 – it’s valid through Sunday.

new nc june

I’m becoming more active on the Native Clutter FB page, so if you’d like to receive weeklyish updates go here.

It’s free-sew at DDI today, so I’m going to run over and train on the coverstitch. YAY!


  • crab&bee

    Good luck on your next muslin! It’ll be so, so awesome when you get the fit you want and can crank out your own perfect bras!

  • Ginger

    Wow, bra-fitting seems like such a bear! But you can totally do it! I’m excited to see what you make once you get the fit perfected!

  • Amy

    Yay, she’s making lingerie! You’ll get there on the bra. You are more then welcome to email me if you get stuck, I love figuring things out. Definitely sew the channeling down–I wasn’t clear about that in the sew-along–otherwise the wires roll up into the cup and don’t give you an accurate fit.

    Ooh, a matching pyrite necklace! Wearing your earrings today… again. 🙂

    • stephanie

      Thank-you so much, Amy! I really, really appreciate that. I’m going to sew the channels this morning to see if that improves the fit. I shouldn’t have altered the pattern prior to that step. At least it’s not very many pieces to trace out again.

      I’m so glad you like those. I wear mine almost daily too!!

  • Jen

    It’ll be worth it in the end! What pattern did you end up going with? I need to get started on mine…well and order my supplies. Ugh why are there so many projects to make allllll the time!

    • stephanie

      I’m using Bra-Maker’s Pin Up Girls Classic #1235. I think it will be fine made up, but looking at the muslin on is horrifying. Ha ha! Oh I know. I have like sixteen things started. It makes me want to take a nap.

  • Stephanie

    wow well done on your bra making progress so far! I’m sure you’ll get the perfect fit in the end and something you can use again and again for gorgeous small 🙂

  • sewamysew

    I had to laugh…. sorry. It is pretty funny though.

    This coming from someone who has never attempted a bra before and should NOT giggle over other people’s matronly ones.

    Can’t wait to see what you do next. 😉

    • stephanie

      Oh, I laughed too. It was one of those situations where I couldn’t see how awful it was until completed and on the dressform. I had good intentions, but honestly haven’t touched it since.

  • K-Line

    Honestly, this is a process – do not be dismayed! (What’s the worst that happens? You keep making new versions :-)) I do love the longline. I really want to make a long line once I sort out fit. Ha – could be a while…

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