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June 14, 2013

There’s a lot going on in my creative space and it’s mostly because I cleaned. My sewing machine and Native Clutter share a desk, so when one takes over there’s no room for the other.


I also had some issues with my machine. It sounded really… crunchy. The crunchiness was occurring while I was sewing plackets for the museum event, so I was even dealing with a deadline! Worried that something was really wrong, I ran over to my local sewing shop. After a brief inspection, he put a glob of oil on the race and sent me home. Phew! Crisis averted. So, when your machine gets crunchy, oil it.

I really needed something fairly easy post-Pendleton bag. Like, soft cotton fabric and normal thread. I cut out Archer months ago, so I decided to finish it up even though it won’t be getting much wear through the sweltering summer. I’ll just have to make a sleeveless version next.

Sewing shirts is an interesting process. For me, there are really enjoyable parts, and some not so great ones. Like wtf is up with sleeve plackets? Mine look terrible, but I’m going to accept them and move on. I wear my shirt sleeves rolled up anyway.


archer close-up

Jen’s instructions are great and her sewalong has been incredibly helpful. Parts that I thought would be complicated have not been so bad. I’ve taken my time with the topstitching and even hand-basted the pockets before sewing.

I’m really, really happy with the fit so far. It’s the perfect slouchy, comfy top. I didn’t make any alterations, then worried about sleeve length, but I think it’s going to be perfect. Hopefully I’ll have it finished this weekend. After this, I want to participate in the Kollabora Scout Sewalong and the deadline is July 8th, which doesn’t give me much time considering how friggin’ slow I sew and plan.

native clutter

In addition to sewing, I’ve been working on new pieces for Native Clutter and updating photos. It made me laugh when I was working on product shots this morning and looked down to see this little chicken wing:

chicken wing

She’s my constant little sidekick and helper.

kollabora goodies

I also recently received a bunch of goodies from Kollabora! The Wiksten tank has been on my list of things to make since the pattern came out years ago. I may need to add a drawstring or something to the dress to give it some shape though. We shall see. And, of course, I’m reeeaaally into accessories right now. I would love to make some purses and clutches this summer.

I’d also like to address the bra- and swimwear-making frenzy that’s occuring right now. Let me just say that I’m in. I was trying to dwindle down my stash, but instead have been making unsupervised, frantic online purchases of spandex. I have a bra kit that I’ll tackle soon – hopefully before everything else arrives. Reading through Amy’s bra-making sewalong (even the comments!) has been fascinating research. I’m feeling pretty confident with all of that knowledge at hand.

So, I haven’t made anything yet, but my current favorite place to peruse and buy would have to be Merckwaerdigh’s eBay store. Oh man. Those sets are so gorgeous. Yes, I bought two.


  • Kelly

    Your Archer shirt is looking great! It was my first real shirt pattern, and I agree with you about it being very enjoyable with a few not so fun parts. It looks like you have a lot of exciting projects planned!

  • Ginger

    Oooh, your Archer shirt looks lovely! I really like those stripes! But I’m feeling a little guilty as mine has been unfinished for WEEKS now, most recently abandoned AGAIN after a pearl-snap-setting tantrum. I’ve got to work up the nerve to try them again!

    Your new jewelry looks great! Off to stalk your Etsy shop… 🙂

    • stephanie

      Thank-you! I’m really excited about it. Oh don’t feel bad – mine is taking weeks too! Ha ha! I can relate to sewing related tantrums. I am going to take a break today so I can cut out a knit Scout and trace a bra pattern.

      Thanks! It’s been fun to work on a few new pieces.

  • Sara

    i wish i had more button down shirts in my wardrobe but i really hate making them. there are just soooo many steps it takes forever. i’d even rather sew pants. i also hate buttonholes with a passion and i always seem to find a way to screw up snaps. so that’s probably why i avoid them like the plague. at least pants usually only have one button.

    • stephanie

      Ha ha ha! I kind of feel the same way, but my love for button down shirts won out. Have you see Sown Brooklyn’s sleeveless version that ties? I’m using all of the will-power I have to not abandon this one and make one like hers. Does your machine have an automatic buttonhole?? They’re not my least favorite thing…

      You do make some really great pants. And those seem a lot more complicated.

  • sewamysew

    Slow and steady, I need a bit of that. I think I tend to rush a bit and consequentially get a bit slap dash with my sewing because I just want to wear what I’m making so much.

    I’m loving your Archer, can’t wait to see it finished.

    PS I’m totally in love with Sphynx!! love seeing him/her on instagram. Him or her???

    • stephanie

      I’m obnoxiously slow. I’m trying to get better about that, but man there’s a lot of contemplating and unpicking going on in my sewing space. I can’t wait to see it either! 🙂

      Awh, thanks! Binx is a girl! She’s my little bundle of sunshine. My baby girl.

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