Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

March 10, 2013

I was recently interviewed for a friend’s blog (I’ll post a link once the feature is up) and she asked where I get fashion inspiration. I was surprised by my answers: sewing blogs and Pinterest. I should’ve included Polyvore as well.

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I’ve been perusing all three looking for spring looks and pieces to sew. First on my list is the Archer shirt. And I’m just going to assume it’s named after my most favorite character of all time. It’s such a great basic.

I also need to make some ikat or brocade shorts. That’s it on my list since I obviously have a hard time following through on sewing plans.

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Where do you get your fashion inspiration?


  • Chloe

    People watching is always good, but window shopping is by far my most dependable source of inspiration. I find it relaxing, and often come up with good ideas for all kinds of things, fashion related and not, without any pressure (self-induced or otherwise!) to buy. I just let everything I see and touch wash over me and see what stands out as I go.

  • jo

    Do you have an account on Polyvore where we can follow you? (Couldn’t find it in your list of websites in the sidebar)

  • Jen

    I could really use some fashion inspiration right about now. I’m all button down shirts and mens sweaters all the time at the moment…what happened to the days when I wore dresses and skirts? HA! I suppose pinterest and people watching are my two clothing inspiration sources if I really think about it.

    Also the top is actually named after the Tenenbaum’s address – Archer Avenue. FAV MOVIE EVERRRRR!!!!! Just pretend that you didn’t read this if that bums you out though…

    • stephanie

      That’s for sure my most favorite movie ever, so I’m actually pretty excited about it. 🙂

      AHH, me too! The embarrassing thing is that I discovered leggings six months ago, so that’s all that I wear. With sweatshirts. I need some more comfortable button down shirts. My current ones are a bit restricting and more of a business casual look – not at all what I’m going for.

  • Ginger

    Hahahaha, I love Royal Tenenbaums AND Archer, so it’s win-win for me! But every time I see the pattern name, I just hear, “Lana! LAAAAANAAAAA!!” in my head. 😀

    Love the boards you’ve put up– I think we’ve got pretty similar styles. 🙂

    • stephanie

      Yeeeesss! Me too! Eric and I quote Archer to each other all of the time. “All I’ve had today is, like, six gummy bears and some scotch.”

      Hey thanks. I think we do too.

  • sallie

    Oh these are such good boards!! The Archer is on my to-sew list too. I also really like that you’re board includes what you’ll do in the outfit – paint a bunny!!
    I think I just quite simply get my inspiration from the internet. Period. Blogs, sewing patterns, online shopping, Pinterest, Polyvore, Street Style… I could go on, I’m an internet hound!

    • stephanie

      Ha ha! I can’t claim credit for the bunny painting pairing, but it is hilarious. I mean, what else would you do in that outfit??

      I am too! I almost feel like it’s a fault. There are so many boutiques around, but I just want to be inspired while in sweatpants on the couch.

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