Who Wants My Beatnik?

January 19, 2013



This is my new favorite hat. It’s made from super soft Cascade Eco Duo using the pattern Felicity. I used larger-than-called-for needles, sizes 6 and 8, but otherwise stuck to the pattern. I highly recommend it.


jeans: gap/similar sweater: gap shoes: umm…. gap. hat: me-made earrings: native clutter

I’ve been wearing a lot of handknit accessories. Cowls, mitts, hats and socks have all been part of my daily wardrobe. I also wear neutral colors, simple silhouettes and like to be comfortable. If you saw my stash you would think otherwise. Pink! Florals! Periwinkle coating!! I’ve calmed down my yarn stash and have been making smart purchases lately. My fabric stash not-so-much.

So, I’m beginning a purge. You can eventually buy my fabric here. Nothing is currently posted because I’m kind of a lazy bum and it’s nice outside. Maybe tomorrow.


Also, even though it breaks my heart to give it away, who wants my Beatnik? It’s too small for me. If you’re interested in a free sweater, please email me: stephanie at makesthethings dot com. The size is about a 32″ chest. It’s knit from 100% wool, so you have to promise you’ll never throw it in the washer. It’s so toasty that I recommend it goes to someone who lives in the Arctic Circle. I’ll ship international, so lemme know.


  • Karina

    I sent you an e-mail about the sweater! This hat style is just what I was thinking of trying for my first knitted hat. I like that the shape is simple and can be worn with everything. I’m going to try it in a nice navy color.

  • Andrea

    Love the hat! What a great idea to put part of your stash up for sale – I should probably do the same. I’ve ended up with a ton of lovely fabrics that I will never turn into clothes because my personal style is a lot more subdued than my attraction to loud fabric. Crazy!

  • joelle

    i love the hat! i recently learned to knit, so maybe i.ll try it… hmmm tempting

  • Sara

    cute hat! it reminds me of handspun. it’s too bad that your sweater didn’t fit. it’s lovely.

    i was just thinking i should probably destash some of my book/mag collection. i rarely use them and it’s getting out of hand. i’m not ready to face the yarn/fabric yet.

  • Chaun

    Amazing hat and beautiful model!

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