Gearing Up For Winter

November 9, 2012

One of my friends from work also knits and is obsessed with yarn so throughout the day we are constantly talking about projects, patterns and where we are going yarn shopping that weekend. She found the Snowy Day Cowl pattern on Etsy and we both freaked out. It’s the cutest.

Pattern: Snowy Day Cowl
Yarn: 1 skein Cascade Magnum; 1 skein Berroco Ultra Alpaca

I used size 11 needles instead of the recommended 15 because that’s what I had laying around. Next time I’ll use 15’s and cast-on fewer stitches. This thing is a beast. It’s huge.

I actually made the cowl as a gift, but now I’m keeping it. (Not you, mom! You still get one!)

Pattern: Ion
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Heather Brown – this yarn is too big for this project! I would suggest you use something else. After blocking, which I had to do to relax the cables, it grew a bit too much.

I love this hat. The graduated cables and bobbles make the pattern interesting, but it’s still a quick knit.


What have you guys been working on? Any winter stuff? Summer? I have loads of summery sewing projects to finish up, so hopefully that will happen this weekend. ALSO, I now have access to some industrial sewing machines. Like, a warehouse full of them. I’ve been eyeing the coverstitch for months, so hopefully I learn to use it soon. I’ll keep you posted.


  • sallie

    Wow I love love love both of these! I would really like to learn how to knit – your knitted gems are the biggest inspiration to me. They are all just so perfect and things I totally want to wear. Right now!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Sallie! OMG LEARN HOW TO KNIT! I think it’s such a fun hobby and very different than sewing. They compliment each other well though. You really can make your own wardrobe complete with hand-knitted socks and hats. Browse for a while and you’ll be hooked.

  • Jen

    Dude everything you knit is so excellent. Love that cowl (I only just this fall discovered the magic qualities of a scarf that never comes untied in the wind…I know, I live in the Windy City) and that hat is just yes!!! So awesome that you have a knitting buddy, I wish I had some real life sewing/knitting buds, that would be super fun. Sighhhhh, hahaha.

    Also this warehouse of industrial and coverstitch machines sounds like heaven…where is this place and can I come hang out?! Hahaha.

    • stephanie

      Awwwh, thanks Jen! I highly recommend that cowl. I’ve been wearing it everywhere and it’s been keeping me toasty. Because of my job, the only friends I’ve made either knit or sew. It’s been so fun. I’m kind of on creative overload, but in a good way.

      COME VISIT! I’m not sure there’s another place like it on earth. All day I lust after pattern-making supplies and plot where I can fit 4-5 industrial machines in my sewing space. It’s pretty old-school:

  • Amy

    Ahh, so beautiful and soft. The yarn in that cowl makes me want to cuddle it. And woah, I just happened to click over to the side and notice you have an Etsy shop. You make jewelry? How lovely! It’s pretty much my dream jewelry. I love long delicate brass pieces with that native southwestern touch. (Anything that looks like an arrowhead, really.) You might have a new customer…

  • Miriam

    Love this! Love your site! Don’t know how I found it, but I’m excited to see more!

  • Ginger

    Loooooooove these! I want both of them! Gorgeous!

  • maddie

    It is times like these that I wish I knew how to KNIT!

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