Finished: Neon Concert Tee

July 23, 2012

Pattern: Dixie DIY’s Concert Tee
Fabric: Rayon blend jersey from
Mods: I nixed the sleeves.

Eric was out and about so I self-timed this little shoot and, as always, it was a disaster. My cat climbs up me while I’m trying to pose. Every. Time. Sooo, I’m done with that.

Anyway, Dixie’s instructions are really clear and I think it’s a great knit top pattern. Next time I’ll add an inch to the front though. I tug down on it constantly.

On another note, I feel like I have very 90’s hair right now. Like, I should be on Saved By The Bell. My Pinterest hair inspiration board isn’t helping as I’m not quite ready to exit my apt with gretel braids. Any other suggestions? And please don’t tell me to cut it. Or to color it differently. Ha! Ok, one of those would be fine.


  • Crystal

    I like seeing the things you make. Always very stylish. Why don’t you add a few curls with the curling iron? Lots of soft waves being sported right now. And go for the braids. Nobody is thinking Gretel right now. We’ll just look back in a few years and think that.

    • stephanie

      Hey thanks! I do love some soft waves. I need to find my curling iron! Ha ha ha! Yes, you are totally right. And they really are so cute. I see other bloggers in them all of the time and have braid envy.

  • Ginger

    I love the tee! It looks so soft and flowy!

    Do you like to wear your hair up? You would look really cute with a sock bun or a messy topknot style!

    • stephanie

      Thanks – it’s super comfortable. I just have to wear it with really high-rise bottoms so my belly isn’t poking out. That look is not for me!

      Now that I have bangs, yes. I bought a topknot helper at Claire’s… I should use it. 🙂

  • Heather Lou

    First off, YOUR CAT! I like that beautiful blonde women and James Bond villains alike share the same taste in animals. Second, cute tee. Love the fabric. Third, I always thought if I was a blonde I would go bananas with the Manic Panic. Doesn’t that stuff wash out in like a month? Why not dip dye your ends in pink or yellow or aqua?

    • stephanie

      Ha ha! She’s pretty much our baby. My hubby and I coddle the shit out of her.

      GOOD IDEA. I wanted pink tips this spring. Now I’m thinking aqua. That sounds super fun.

  • sallie

    Such a great shirt! I love the fabric – and its such a great pattern and looks like a comfy summer top.

    You could always do the top knot and call it a day….? If I had your beautiful blonde hair I would let it grow loooonnnnngggggg – and yes I would braid it in all sorts of ways and pile it on top of my head!

    • stephanie

      It is comfy! I like the fabric, too. It was a lucky score for less than $5.

      I do want it obnoxiously long. How do you braid your short hair around your head? Is it years of practice? A magic helper? It’s the cutest. I just need to play around with it I suppose.

  • Lavender

    You and your drapey knits get me every time! Pets are always trying to steal the show… camera comes out, paws go up. I never know what to do with long hair, which is very obvious if you saw me right now, wondering for the nth time why I’ve let mine grow. When in doubt, I always cut or color 🙂

  • Amy

    I love this! I’m a little cuckoo about neon right now… If it’s anything like mine, I call this ‘summer hair’. (Saved by the Bell had a lot more doodads?) I want long hair but my head is hot; last summer I tried several Pinterest braids but I just want to leave the house so it’s either screwed up in an elastic or hanging down with all the kinks from the elastic. I won’t tell you to cut it. You have pretty locks! Sometimes it’s fun to twist little pieces haphazardly around the nape and stick in bobby pins to hold it all in a nice-messy updo.

    • stephanie

      I am too! I would like some more pieces. Like neon pumps.

      YES – you are absolutely right. It’s summer hair. I blow-out my bangs, air-dry the rest and hope that it’s not too crazy in the back. I don’t even check. I’m going to try the messy updo. I like to be out the door quickly as well. I try not to be too high-maintenance, but I still like to look nice. That sounds like a good option.

  • quietandsmall

    i second the topknot, it’s my go-to style for days that are over 80F or where i’m having a weird hair day (ok, that’s most days lately….). or french braid it down the back, any messy updo, side braid or any combo. click here for my pinterest with more ideas.

    one last thing, DON’T CUT IT!! i cut 8″ off mine last month and it took 30 min to regret it!

    • stephanie

      I LOVE french braids. Ok, I’ll try that one out too! Thanks for the Pinterest link. It really is helpful. I’m not doing the topknot right because it’s heavy and ridiculous-looking, but I’ll figure it out.

      Ha ha ha… That’s happened to me before too. I’ve actually had it shoulder-length for years, so now I want it looooonnng.

  • Zoe

    That looks like a comfy & versatile tee.
    My hair colour is very similar to yours and I have a side fringe! My hair is wavier and longer but styles I use would probably be fine on your hair too.
    I often wear side braids, either french or fishtail. You could also dutch braid (inverted french) your fringe to one side like this:

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