Hello Again!

July 20, 2012

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Too long for sure. I moved, so I’ve been preoccupied with that these past few months. But now it’s over, we’re somewhat settled and my sewing machine is plugged in. Finally.

I hope everyone is doing well! My blog reader maxed out like a month ago, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do!

I’ll be back with some fall planning and, fingers crossed, the start of a sloper.


  • Jen

    Glad to see you back and hear that you’re settled in! Allllllllllllllll I can think about right now is fall planning, fall weather, fall fall fall! Feels good to know I’m not the only one

  • Ginger

    Hey, congrats on your new home! I hope you’re loving it! Glad to see you’re back– I’m looking forward to seeing what you make!

  • sallie

    Hey!! Congrats on the move and getting all settled in – its always so stressful. Can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been up to.

    • stephanie

      Thanks! That was my first move since getting married six years ago (when we had no belongings). It wasn’t the funnest thing I’ve ever done, but so worth it.

      I’m excited to catch up on everyone’s projects! I’m sure you guys have made some fabulous stuff this summer.

  • Lavender

    Steph! Yay!!! So glad you’re back, I was wondering if you moved. Where you at (shoot me an email if you don’t want it public)

  • Amy

    Glad to see you back. Moving is no fun, but new places are! I wish I could even start thinking about fall but oh well, we have another 3 months of summer here ;).

  • Sarah

    Yea! Welcome back. I had just discovered your blog before you ‘disappeared’. Glad I came back to check it out. You are a very talented seamstress. Hope you’re enjoying your new home.

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