Finished: Darling Ranges Dress

April 26, 2012

She’s done. Finally.

Pattern: Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges Dress

Mods: A whole bunch. See here. I over-fit the bodice. That top button is strained.

Fabric: cotton/silk blend from Fabric Mart Fabrics. Underlined in organic cotton batiste from

I love this dress. There are fit issues for sure, but it’s still really cute. I took my time with finishing and think it looks as nice inside as out. It took me a ridiculously long time to complete mostly because I put off steps that I thought would be hard. Like buttons. I have FEET for that! It’s automated! Soooo, I’m learning to dig in and not be afraid of basic techniques. It has to be done at some point, right?


I’ve been sewing up a storm, so I’ll see you folks SOON.



  • Cirque Du Bebe

    Oh my. This looks like a shoot straight out of a magazine. I love every single thing about this, the fabric, the dress, the location, the photos. So so inspiring!

  • Florence

    this dress is so simple but beautiful. and imaculately finished. i most definately can’t see any fit issues!

  • Melizza

    Your fabric choice is gorgeous. Reminds me of the Southwest U.S. I love the added top-stitching. I forget these little details that add so much character to a garment.


  • liza jane

    The scenery in your photos is amazing! As is the dress. Love the change of direction between the skirt and bodice.

  • mokosha

    beautiful.. and how marvelously finished..

  • kelli

    definately my favorite version that i have seen. what amazing fabric. it looks great.

  • Mary

    beautiful! Sunni from sent me this way, and I’m so glad she did. Gorgeous dress, fabric and stitching!

  • Amy

    This turned out so beautifully. All the finishing is lovely–it does feel good to take your time doesn’t it? That 4th photo down is WOW. Something about the tree, you, the dress–I love seeing clothes in landscapes, like we get to see a little piece of what others see and live in and what influences them. I can almost smell the pignon.

    Love your hair!

    • stephanie

      Thank-you, Amy! Yes, I do enjoy taking my time and making the insides pretty. Not only will the garment look nice, but it will last a long time! That’s worth the effort.

      It’s really fun for me to take pictures of the final garment and make a bit of a production out of it. I think my husband gets a kick out of it, too. He suggested this location and I’m so glad we checked it out!

  • Ginger

    Gosh! This is gorgeous! I can’t get over that fabric– it’s FAB! And the shape really looks great on you!

    • stephanie

      I wish I would’ve bought more! I think I have enough leftover to make a Tiny Pocket or Wiksten tank, but I’m not sure. I kind of butchered it when I was cutting out the dress. :/

  • Miandmiksmom

    Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL, as is the rest of your projects you have posted. You are amazingly talented and have such an eye. This fabric is amazing, the finishing is beautiful, and the photos are inspiring!

  • Lizz

    Oh, Stephanie! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love silk/cotton – it’s one of my favorites to work with and wear.
    I must apologize. I had been wondering what you were up to and why you had been so quiet. Thankfully, Sunni, posted your dress because I was reminded that you moved and that I had failed to follow your new site on Bloglovin. We’re all set now though.

    • stephanie

      Hi Lizz! I’m so glad you found me again! Ha, I lost like everyone when I moved, but I figured if I started finishing stuff you guys would come back. 🙂

      Awh, thanks! That fabric was really nice to work with and it’s even better to wear. I love it too.

  • kata

    Fit issues or no – it’s super cute.

  • kata

    p.s. I just took a closer look and it’s especially great how you positioned the darts in the pattern on the bodice front.

  • sallie

    Wow Stephanie – I REALLY love this dress! The fabric is just stunning and I’m completely in awe of all your careful pattern matching and balancing those stripes. The darling ranges dress just really lends itself well to making these perfect summer dresses. This one is definitely my favorite. Also, where do you live?!?! It looks fantastic!!!!

    • stephanie

      Hey thanks! I would’ve linked to the fabric, but it sold out a long time ago. Bummer, huh? Oh that’s why the dress took me a MONTH. Seriously ridiculous.

      I live in Utah – about an hour south of SLC in the middle of nowhere. We four-wheeled up a canyon by my house for these shots! It really is a beautiful state. I’m grateful everyday for the pretty views and wide open spaces.

  • Lavender

    So gorgeous, Steph! The dress is beautifully made, you’re beautiful, the photographs and setting… all of it! I’m so glad you took your time with this, because it definitely shows. Your machine makes a lovely blind hem. I’ve never really like mine, but should give it another go.

  • Andrea

    It looks great! I love love love that fabric. Makes me want to make a sleeveless version of this dress now.

  • Sophia

    This is gorgeous! I love that the bodice stripes go vertical and the skirt, horizontal. You absolutely fit in with the beautiful scenery, too.

    Good job!

  • Heather Lou

    Crap. I just posted recently about how bloated my blog role is getting and how overwhelmed I am by keeping up with all my sewing blogs and low and behold I stumble on you and boom. New follower. (Sometimes you know immediately just by like, the typeface and quality of photos that you are going to love someone. This instinct is rarely (never) wrong). Lovely blog, lovely style, lovely dress. Lovely to meet you!

    • stephanie

      Oh my goodness! Thank-you so much. I’m super flattered because I love YOUR blog. I’ve been dying over your bathing suit today. Ha ha, and then I post not-so-great photos. Eesh. Next time. I promise. Nice to meet you too!

  • Adventures in Dressmaking

    Looks great!! Megan’s patterns are so fresh and cute. I loooove that fabric you chose!!

  • June

    Hi! I am just coming across this after clicking a pinterest image because I wanted to see where I could buy this dress – you don’t take orders, do you?! 🙂

    Also, where do you get your fabrics? I love your work!

  • Erin ||

    I ADORE this dress!! Beautifully done! And I NEED this fabric in my life!

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