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April 12, 2012

  • I’m never going to be a consistent blogger. I just feel like I need to say that. I’m an obsessive person, so I can do one thing, intensely, for a short amount of time. This week it was reading. Last week was cooking. A few weeks ago, sewing. I’ve been slowly working on my dress, but only because I finished the last Sookie Stackhouse book I had on hand (more are on their way!).
  • Aaaaand, that’s why I like Twitter. If you are interested in pictures of my stash, retweets from hilarious people and sporadic blog updates, follow me.
  • Binks turned two yesterday! And she has a new cousin, Tebbs the bulldog. I couldn’t resist sharing the cuteness. And the weirdness.
  • Ok! On to the sewing related stuff….
  • I’ve registered for the Sewing Summit! Last year was really fun and I only went for a day. This time I’ll be there all weekend, so let me know if any of you are going as well! I’d love to meet up. Last year I got to hang out with Lavender and Suriah, chit-chat with Sunni (who just announced she’s teaching this year!) and take classes with Gertie. Officially, the Summit is sold out, but there’s a waitlist just in case they release more tickets.
  • Last week there was a HUGE sale on Craftsy courses, so I finally bought a few of them – Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress, The Couture Dress and Jean-ius! I’m going to watch some of the videos before I decide what to tackle first, but I’m leaning towards Gertie’s dress.
  • As you can see, my darling ranges dress is coming along. I think I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow. I’m already antsy for my next project, so I’ll post some ideas soon.


Alrighty, now I’m off to read all of your blogs.


  • Sarah

    I bought the bombshell craftsy course during that awesome sale too! I’ve got the perfect fabric, just need to find the time…

    I love the fabric of your Darling Ranges dress, it will look amazing when completed!

  • sallie

    holy crap i’m dying over your darling ranges dress!! that fabric is ah-mazing!!

    • stephanie

      The whole time I’m sewing I’m like, ‘please don’t eff it up, please don’t eff it up.”

      I kind of butchered it while cutting out the dress, but I should have enough left over for a tank. FINGERS CROSSED.

  • Ginger

    Holy cow, I love the darling ranges dress, too! I WANT that fabric– it’s so cool!!! Also… the baby bulldog?!?!?! Sooooooooooo cute!

    There’s nothing wrong with being a sporadic blogger– I think it’s cool that you have so many different interests. I’ve been doing tons of sewing lately, but I’m still blogging only sporadically because none of the sewing has been working out! Ugh… maybe someday I’ll get better at fitting. 🙁

    • stephanie

      Omg, that bulldog is so friggin’ cute. Probably similar to your pug – super clumsy, serial farter.

      That’s the other side to my sporadic blogging – fit issues! It takes me forever to complete any sort of fitted piece in a woven. That’s why the words boxy, slouchy and knits are in most of my posts!

  • Amy

    I didn’t notice this in your last post but I remember seeing that fabric online and kept going back to look at it. So pretty! (Happy birthday, Binks!)

    • stephanie

      It was kind of a splurge for me, but I’m glad I grabbed a few yards. It’s really, really beautiful.

      Awh, thanks!

  • Maddie

    I am so very jealous you are going to the Sewing Summit. Have fun for me, will you? You’re right that Binks and Tebbs are an odd combination but that’s what makes them so amazingly adorable!

  • Amy

    I’ve looked into the Sewing Summit for the past two years now, but it’s hard to motivate when it’s a plane flight away. And when I should be going to scientific conferences instead. Maybe one of these days. Also, I love the way the dress is coming out, and I, too, am lost in books lately. My husband and I are about half way through with the fifth Song of Ice and Fire series. I hope you’re enjoying Game of Thrones!

    • stephanie

      I LIVE here and I was still iffy on going. It’s a lot more expensive this year. You should look into Craftcation – It’s in California and I’m going to try to go next year.

      I’m going to start that book tonight! I’ve kind of lost interest in the series, which is good because I spend the entire time comparing the two. It’s annoying.

  • Lavender

    Stop rubbing it in, you! On the Craftsy sale, too… that’s what I get for attempting to ignore the internet. Hehe!! I signed up for the wait list, so maybe I’ll get to see your lovely face in person again this year 🙂

    Happy fuzzy friends. The meet-n-greet is hilarious. And your DR dress is looking sooo good.

    • stephanie

      Oh good! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’d love for you to come back out here. Last year was really fun. And I think this year there are completely new teachers and classes, so that made it worth it to me.

      Ahhh! I forgot about the meet-n-great. Oh god, I’m so shy I’ll probably have a coronary if anyone asks my name. How did I survive last year??

      The DR dress is moments away from completion.

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